07 January, 2012

And Mum Makes Three....

Well yesterday I took Embee into work with me. Sometimes though a girl has to nap....

And our good old friend Seamus was there too and he just LOVES his black ring.

I ended up with a red left hand from pulling the black rubber ring with Seamus!

And I spent last night putting the finishing touches to "Jake's House" for my Mum who moved in this afternoon.

After a big morning of packing up Mum's stuff (thank god it was only one room!) we had the removalists help out and do all the heavy lifting! Mum was wonderful too because when I arrived this morning she had packed up quite a lot of things already. So my part was just to pack a little bit more and organise all the boxes and label and tape them up.

Now we have spoken before in previous blogs about my NON-PACKING TAPE skills! I meant to bring the packing tape dispenser machine thing home from work but forgot!!! I have said it before and I will say it again - I COULD NEVER BE A PROFESSIONAL PACKER!!! I think you need a degree to tape boxes and today I will be honest and say that I really missed Jake A LOT!! because over the last soooo many years every time we have had to move us, Mum or Grandad, Jake has been the muscles and such a big help.

Today all we had were my little muscles (well if you can even call them that!) but as Grandad used to say "we'll get there in the end...". And we did.

And it was a bit sad for Mum saying goodbye to her friends, but she was really good, no tears at all. I was very proud of her!

And this afternoon I made the executive decision to just get the guys to bring the boxes into one room (the steps that is, not Elaine and Dean!) andddddd tomorrow we shall start to unpack! This was such a great decision on my behalf. Do you know why? Becauseeeeeeee I got to have a three hour Nana Nap. OMG Groover's when I got into bed this afternoon it felt like heaven! My poor aching body... :(

Butttttt I feel pretty good now after my nap but am looking forward to more sleep tonight... Such a Rager I knowwwwww hehehe.

And then just after I woke up this afternoon Elaine and her friend Dean came over to collect our old pool steps as I have given them to Heather! So a big thank YOU to the both of them because they were taking up a bit of room (the steps that is, not Elaine & Dean) and you knowwwwwww how I like to have things all neat, well now that area is back to looking lovely because kids let's face it - if you can't have the area where you keep your wheelie bins immaculate well you JUST AIN'T LIVING LOL!

So it's nice to have Mum here and I know that Embee loves it too. It's def an all girl house now, not that it wasn't before with Jake hehehe.

But I have to say that I def over packing and am hoping I don't see another removalist box for a while!!!!!!!! - of course right now they are all downstairs (the boxes that is) mocking me - MEAN BOXES!!

So that's me done and dusted for the day. There are soooo many words that one can use when describing moving house! But I'm a lady and I don't like to swear haha.

I'm off for a nice warm spa under the stars to sooth my sore old bones :)


Me xxx


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