11 January, 2012

Hot Days, A Dove Surprise and Armpit hair....

Well another DAMN HOTTTTTT day here in Brisbane today!

All I can say is Thank God for Air Con! We have to have it at work, esp due to all the transmitters for TV & Radio so it is Divine :)

And I have it on at home too!!! Poor Funny Nana, her air con downstairs needs repairing so I have been pumping the air from up here down to her and she has a pedestal fan for now... but soon we shall get it fixed for her.

And my lovely friend Karen has a very cute dog called Hannah and from the looks of these pics she def felt the heat today, poor kid :(

Before Air Con:

After Air Con:

And I just can't help myself butttttt don't you think that Hannah looks just like "Santa's Little Helper"? Who is the dog out of The Simpsons!

So a quiet day today all round really. Reminds me of prob where Jake is at Ayers Rock where they only come out after dark. Something like Twilight but with a Red Rock in the background hehehe.

And speaking of Baby Jake - I spoke to him last night. All is going well and they have him working in all the different sections at the moment to get a good idea of what is what. He was telling me that yesterday it was raining up there and of course he also has air con in his unit but he bought a pedestal fan and whilst we were talking he had it on and it was a "bit cool" hehehe. Who woulda thought that he would be cool whilst we are melting? Crazy Climate Change!

And when I got home this afternoon I checked on my Mumma Dove. Now I have been reading up a bit and it seems its the Dad that sits on them during the day and the Mum at night time. I guess the Dad likes to hit all the nightclubs at night time and needs the time off! LOL

But Groover's here is the thing - first I noticed the that palm leaf has shifted a bit. Now everyone it is still intact but there really is nothing that I can do to help becauseeeeeee the next thing was that the Daddy Dove saw me peaking and freaked out and flew away :(

I was gutted to say the least.

I was so worried he wouldn't return. But look what I found:

So I waited in my bedroom for it to return. To hear it return I should say and guess what? It did!!!! OMG I was sooo relieved. Now I am too scared to peek out hehe. I have learnt my lesson - for now anyways....

I just hope that the nest and palm leaf holds for when the eggs hatch!

And speaking of babies growing up, I just have to share with you kids a funny thing I heard yesterday on the phone at work.

Soooo one of the girls that works in another office in Queensland was telling me that her 11yo (hope I got that right) son spotted his first armpit hair yesterday and was sooooo excited!

That "Hot Dude" is probably a little bit older than 11, but I thought I would share anyways.....

Isn't that funny..... It happens to all of us doesn't it but geez 11 years old seems soooo very young NOW to me. Funny what happens to us as we age. I can remember leaving school at 15 and when I would return to parties the boys more so would have sprouted up and were a lot taller and their voices would have cracked and now were deeper. Where the girls just looked the same!

Anddddddd now at 45 it is funny when you see men my own age and even guys from school because in my mind we are all still 15 but here we are, and it pains me to even type it - Middle Aged! The men are losing some hair and going grey whilst the women dye their hair so you can't tell! hehehe

And that's they way it should be!!! LOL

And we won't even begin to talk about women and waxing & bleaching! hehehe

And thennnnnnnnnn as we get older esp in the men they start to get ear & nose hair!

So there you go one minute you are discovering your first armpit hair next you know you are sprouting hair in places you didn't even know was possible!

On that note I'm outta here!


Me xxx


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