10 January, 2012

Toilets rule my life.....

Well it was an interesting day to say the least today....

And noooo I didn't get married today... more on that later :)

First I woke up mighty tired. Sure some of you may say Karen... YOU ARE OLD this is why. And Groover's those of you that say that well I SLAP YOU HARD! hehehe

So after last nights excitement with Funny Nana I had the most amazing spa and because we had a Full Moon the whole back yard was lit up! Twas wonderful and just what I needed to wind down after our big night!

So back to dragging my sorry arse out of bed. Got to work and when I logged on I saw this:

I thought I would share with you my screen saver. Now some of you kids may remember my 101 pics of this pool :)

I took this pic and decided that every morning I would torment myself with distant memories of palm trees and nice breezes....

Then a little later in the morning a "Tuesday Miracle" occurred! You see this week at work we are having new driveways put in andddddd they accidentally cut through some pipes. Now to start with this was ok but as the morning ticked on we were advised that hopefully tomorrow the water will come back on.

Now picture this: Lots of men (cause that's how I roll.... hehehe) and two women. Andddd one of those women IS ME! You only have to tell me that I can't use the toilet and my bladder starts to fill up all by itself! hehehe.

And for the boys welll they can go anywhere, but there was no way I was going to go for a little walk out back to the bush where the cows are and "do my thing".

I can just see it now Kazzachezza bares all and then some.... being the headline of The Morley Report with a pic of me squatting amongst cows! Yep I don't think sooooo. Karen don't do that!

Sooooooo I got to come home and work for the day! Yayyyyy

So it's been a nice relaxing day at home, on my lounge on the laptop (WORKING!!) with my air con on and whilst I have relaxation music on Foxtel on. And Funny Nana is downstairs watching Horror Movies! Ohhhh yeahhh and people wonder why I am the way I am! LOL

So on other news: Guess what today would have been?

My 24 year wedding anniversary!!! I knowwwwwww me toooo haha. I always laugh because when people ask me how long I was married for, I never know and have to count it up on my fingers. So hang on a tick and I'll work it out...

Just under four years! And I think we were together all up nearly 9 years. I try and not think about it much and have put it wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back up in my memory, in a box that I used sticky tape on. LOTS OF IT! tee hee

And this time last year of course the Brisbane Floods had started in Toowoomba and Grantham. Such sad stories and such bravery....

The next day on the 11th brought us confusion, people being told to leave their work and try and get home and none of us really knowing what was going to happen...

Amazing that it was a year ago.

I will never forgot how proud I was to see all the people lining up, who they nicknamed "The Mud Army" to help those less fortunate. That day I was proud to call myself a Queenslander :)

I think each and everyone of us here in Brisbane did our bit in all different ways to help.

Jake helped out with a lady at his work that had water half way up the wall in her second story house and I remember coming home to this sight:

He was sooooo tired poor kid!

And then a few weeks later I did my bit via my job at the time with the Queensland State Government too!

And I remember having a few tears in my eyes when I read this sign on someone's fence:

It def made you put things in your life into perspective that's for sure!

Well kids that's the day that was.... Not a bad one, not as hot as yesterday THANK GOD and a day to look around and remember how lucky we are to have what we have in our lives.... whatever that may be!


Me xxx

P.S. I think I see/feel a Toilet themed week coming on....


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