24 January, 2012

Close your eyes and I'll.....

kiss youuuuuu, tomorrow I'll miss you, remember to always be trueeeeeeeee.

Yep last Sunday night saw the return of Young Talent Time. Now I completely forgot it was on so I ended up watching it online, as you do in this day and age!

And the fact that Rob Mills is the new host.... welll look a girl needs her eye candy sometimes you know! :)

Nowwww yes it's corny but you know what? I think in this day and age we need a bit of corny every now and then.

I think it's a great family show and I know myself I have fond memories of on a Sunday night sitting down with my Nana and Grandad and watching Young Talent Time on Channel 10 and then switching over to channel 7 to watch A Country Practice.

I really believe that kids need a good family show to maybe watch with their Mum or Dad or both even as there is just not enough of that nowadays. And I know from reading comments on Twitter and Facebook that younger kids loved it and it has encouraged them (after only one episode) to want to take up dance lessons or singing lessons as it shows kids of all ages giving it a go, unlike some of the other shows that are kinda directed to older kids.

And YES I will even confess to you Groover's that I even found myself swaying and singing along at the end of the show when the new team along with some of the members of the old team sang Close your Eyes along with Rob Mills and good old Johnny Young who of course was the host back in the day!

So I might take another look this coming Sunday night but even if I don't end up watching it every week I have to say that I really enjoyed that journey back in time the other night, back to a time when I was a kid and life was just that bit more simple!!! :)

Of course it has nothing to do with this:

Will you be tuning in to watch it on Sunday night?

And on other news.... as I type Brisbane is experiencing what they are calling The Big Wet. We have had quite heavy rain today which has seen a lot of places flood. Now it isn't as bad as last years Brisbane Floods but you know last year it really affected the Southside of Brisbane way much more that it did over here on the Northside. But today's rain seems to be affecting the Northside quite a bit more from what I can gather on the news tonight.

And I have to say that me being a "girl" sorry Ladies.... buttttt I kinda got freaked out a bit earlier today, of course reading Facebook and seeing all the weather alerts that the Queensland Police were putting up didn't help me... butttt after last year anddddd with Funny Nana home alone with Embee Louise (and that I left the telephone upstairs when I left for work today) wellll my work were kind enough to let me leave at lunch time and work from home this afternoon.

As it was when I turned off the Highway and took my exit the road under the highway was already flooded and there were police cars blocking the way and that was at 1pm!

Not sure what will happen tomorrow, but I guess we sleep tonight and wait and see what tomorrow brings. Have to say this is when I miss Baby Jake a lot as it's a tad scary just being me, Funny Nana and Embee.

Of course Embee is fine because of this:

So I guess worst case scenario Funny Nana and I cling to Embee and she swims us out to safety! :) And you think I am joking....

So wherever you are tonight, stay safe, stay off the roads and make sure your dog has it's life jacket just incase you need to escape during the night!

Me xxx

P.S. And you know what I just remembered: today's date was nearly to the day when last year I did the Flood Recovery work for the Queensland State Government in my old job.... Mother Nature hey!


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