08 January, 2012

A Day of Jake Job's & Elvis Memories....

So this morning it was up, eat breakfast and start unpacking..... all in that order!

Nowwww Baby Jake is well known in this house for his pancakes and this morning I, Meeeeee had to make them without his help! Now they might not be exactly the same as Jake makes but hey they turned out ok!

And there is always one fan of Pancakes - doesn't matter who makes them. And of course Embee always susses out "The Weakest Link" which of course now is my Mum!

Can you see how thin she is, Embee that is! She even has a rib protruding! Such puppy cruelty :(

Next stop was downstairs in Mum's "new house!" to start going through the boxes one, by one!

And you know it pains me to say it let alone even type it butttttt today I missed Jake and all the little jobs that he does for me! There I said it! (I just threw up in my mouth a little hehehe). First there was the pancakes, thennnnnnn lifting heavy boxes and thennnnnnnnn THIS:

I can hear you all gasp in horror. Yesssssssss I HAD TO COOK A BBQ!! Now this is normally Jake's domain and I had no idea what to do, but I did my best! Check these little babies out!

I was very proud of my little chicken kebabs! :)

Andddddd I am also proud to say that most of Mum's things are unpacked. There are just a couple of little jobs that she is going to tackle when I am work tomorrow and we are all done.

My poor aching old body.... buttttttttt of course hello Groover's what do I have in my backyard now? Sure dirt, yessssss some grass and OF COURSE Weeds! Buttttttt I have me a spa now!

Soooooooooo I just had myself a lovely warm spa complete with a full moon! In the sky, not my bottom. Although I guess it depends where you are viewing the spa from! LOL

Anddddddddd to end my day of "Jake Job's" I even cleaned the spa and threw some chemicals in. Of course I still don't know what I am doing and right now I could be cooking some great water out there in the spa, buttttttt hey some chemicals are better than NONE! :)

And on that note my friends this little Groover is going to have an early night and boy I cannot wait to lay my head down!


Me xxx

A good friend of mine reminded me that today would have been Elvis Presley's 77th birthday! I love his music and as a kid used to play my Mum's records and even to this day love to watch a good old Elvis movie.

Again as a kid this used to be the norm every Sunday afternoon on TV along with Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin and Gidget! Ahhhhh the good old days :)

And as my Mum said today "at least we didn't have to see Elvis grow old and will always remember him young!".

Amen to that and Happy Birthday Elvis xxx


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