02 January, 2012

Where the Bloody Hell are YOU?

Soooooo The Whitsunday's truly is one of my most fave places to visit! We weren't sure how the weather would be at this time of year as it is normally the Wet Season, Cyclone's and very very Hot & Muggy.

Butttt this time around we have struck it lucky. Amazing weather, beautiful breezes and can you believe sometimes the water in the pool is even a tad too cold! Who woulda thought it possible!

New Years Eve was a really lovely night. Great company, nice food, some Rum & Coke's, laughs, fireworks and a big pash! But remember what goes on on Hamilton Island stays on Hamilton Island tee hee.

Of course Hamilton Island is well known for being either for couples or families. We chose to stay this time at The Beach Club as kids are not allowed and we wanted a peaceful beach holiday with views and let me tell you we def got both and sooo much more.

Breakfast is included every morning and whilst we can go to any restaurant on the island you cannot beat The Beach Club breakfast. There is a small buffet with fruit and cereal.

And then one with bread, toaster, ham & swiss cheese, croissants and pastries.

And then you can order from the menu for hot food eg. Scrambled Eggs, Pancakes, Eggs Benedict etc.

And as you all know Groover's once I find a great pool you cannot pry me away! I can never get tired of that view that's for sure!

Now another great extra with staying at The Beach Club is the free VIP Buggy Service. What that means is that let's say I wanted to pop down to the Marina to check out the shops, well I can get the front desk to organise a buggy and they drop me off and when I want to come back I just get one of the shops to ring them and they come and collect me again. Love it!

So that's exactly what I did yesterday and here are a few shots of what I found down at the Marina!

It was such a lovely day!

And there was this great funky art studio too!

They have also recently opened the new Yacht Club which looks very impressive.

And whilst it was fun checking everything out.... it sure was nice to return to our lovely, peaceful resort!!

This time we got ourselves some exclusive Beach Club pool lounges on the beach!

We even saw two large turtles not far off shore!

The Beach Club also has a lovely lounge area complete with Bar, Internet and Library.

We also decided to have dinner at the restaurant at our resort last night and my goodness me howwwww lovely was not only the food but the view as well!

It was that nice that we are doing it all over again tomorrow night! :)

And of course when I woke up this morning and did the good old look outside and see how the day was.......... again it was just divine! I of course spent it by the pool because where else would I be I ask YOU!

Then later in the day it was time for some room service lunch!

Tonight we did the most wonderful twilight cruise around Hamilton Island! The sunset was amazing and we def enjoyed ourselves A LOT!

And we made a new friend Tracey!

We are going to catch up with Tracey tomorrow and hang by our pool :)

Anddddddddd then we did dinner (promise we are nearly at the end....) at Romanos which is a delightful Italian restaurant on the water at the Marina!

But Groover's the highlight for me was this:

A good old Chocolate Paddle Pop! I got me two hehehe.

It is also Baby Jake's last night tonight in Brisbane so I gave him a call before to say Good Luck! It's going to be 41 degrees out there tomorrow..... but I know that Jake is going to have a ball and have himself soooo much fun!

Poor little Embee is probably wondering why all her family are dropping off like flies :(

Soooooooo on that note, time to get that other Paddle Pop!

Chat tomorrow


Me xxx


aus.keeys said...

so did you lick a prize??

Laine said...

Was that a bread roll I spied....?

Brent said...

I saw some holiday toes in a couple of pics...

The Morley Report said...

Erica: I need to check in my bin, hang on a sec...

Elaine: Yep you did indeed :)

Brenton: Them holiday toes get around don't they!

Erica: Ok, just looked in my bin as all good holiday makers do anddddddd - my stick was covered in a few little ants (story of my life) but it says that I have won a XBOX Kinnect Pack. Have no idea what that is... hehehe

aus.keeys said...

Who buys a lick a prize and then doesn't check their stick?? Strange woman hehe

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