23 January, 2012

Yes I'm back.... Morley's Backkkkkkk

Hey Groover's,

Long time no see....

Sorry that I have been absent, again my life seems to somehow have gotten in the way again - HOW DARE IT!!! Last week was a busy week at work and so you know how it all goes.

Now first of all I wanted to thank those of you that took the time to check up on me to make sure that I was ok and that my absence wasn't due to say Baby Jake being away, which I am very pleased to say is not the case at all :)

Whilst I am def missing him I have to say that I am enjoying the freedom. Now over the last so many years Jake did his own thing anyway but I guess to have him not here altogether wellll I guess it's just that little bit more freeing! If that makes any sense...

Funny Nana is doing really well and it's been great having her here. Of course she has decided that she doesn't want to go back into a retirement village!! Buttttttt we always discussed that our current set up with her living here is only a short term thing for six months and I know deep down she will be fine when the time comes to move her etc.

And some nights when I am upstairs say watching TV or on my laptop and can hear the TV on downstairs it feels like it's Jake just down there. Mind you, Mum goes to bed at 8.30pm ish andddddd downstairs looks all clean and girly! I LOVE IT! hehehe

And speaking of Jake, he is doing really well in Ayers Rock and for those of you not friends with him on Facebook - he has put up a few interesting Status Updates as follows:

Shit you not, I just tripped over a snake.....

(this it seems happened on the way back from doing his washing at night and not walking on the lit up paths....)

My personal fave is this:

Things i miss in Yulara...
5. My peeps (including the ranga pup)
4. My totally rad couch
3. Foxtel IQ
2. Unmetered ADSL
1. The mighty, mighty coug!

Now just so you know, the mighty, mighty coug is his car! No mention of me and James one of his "peeps" commented "how nice the couch beat us" to which Jake replied "hey, it's f####n awesome couch mate".

So very interesting to see what Jake misses! Even if I didn't make the list!!

Embee is loving having Funny Nana here but EVEN I have to now limit what Funny Nana feeds little Miss Embee Louise as she has Funny Nana under her "I don't get fed" spell!!!!!!

Last week was a happenin week with a visit to the doctor for Funny Nana, for a little meet and greet as it's a new doctor. I went out for dinner with the guys from work to welcome a new team mate and had a great night out with lots of stories and laughs.... and not all of them came from ME!!! I knowwwwwwww can you even fathom it hehehe. Nahhh me either :)

Then on Saturday I drove down to my fave place Kingscliff and spent Saturday/Sunday down there with Erica, her husband Brad and their three boys.

Before they arrived though I took myself off to the quaint little picture theatre that they have there, which is a little like Gold Class cinema and they bring in food and drinks but not so fancy chairs.

And NO! that wasn't my date, just a pic I got of their website. I promiseeeeeeee

It really is very lovely and at a fraction of the price!

I saw the movie The Help.

Highly recommend it to you Groover's!

So as I said before I caught up with Erica, Brad and their kids and on the Saturday night I went out to dinner with Erica, our friend Carly and my friend from work Alan and as quite a few of you commented via Facebook - Alan, Alan, Alan, Al, Al, Alan..... no wait it's Steve, Steve, Steve.

Actually it was Alan, but we do have a Steve at work too hehehe.

Anddddddd kids I have to tell you that I met the man of my dreams on Sat night! We even shared a bedroom......

May I introduce to you, my new boyfriend Mason!

And I guess it's safe to share with you that YES we are in fact in loveeee and plan to be married! hehehe.

I had a great time hanging out with Mason and learnt all about DS games. He reminded me a bit of Baby Jake (I knowwwww poor Mason!) and he is very very cute! Again Mason, not Jake.

Then of course I came home yesterday to recover and had a lovely 2 hour nana nap!

Oh and guess what? I have become a grandmother AGAIN! Yep you got it, my Mother and Father Dove are the proud parents of two new born little chicks! I caught a glimpse of them this morning as they were left home alone!! But not for long.... as either Mum or Dad came back before I left for work!

And of course today was the first day here in Australia for quite a few little kids to either go back to school orrrrr it was their very first day. It was touching to read and see so many pics of my friends kids and took me back quite a few years to when Jake had his first day!

This pic is of Jake's first day in Grade 1. He was very excited to go to school and was pointing to the school as we could see it from our front yard. Of course say maybe 5 mins later as we walked down the hill, Jake fell over in the mud!! And arrived at school with a stained shirt! ahhhh Good Times hahaha

So we go from that pic to this one....

Groover's it goes by so very very fast. And whilst today was a big milestone for some of you out there, really it's just a brand new chapter in the life that we all know as "The Mother". Fun isn't it! hehehe.

And of course since we have last spoken I have been wheeling and dealing and organising all sorts of "little trips away..." ummm ahhhh what will Jake say! tee hee.

And this my friends brings us all up to date!

I sure hope you have had a great last few days too :)

Promise (spoken in the words like Arnie) I'll be backkkkkkkkk - tomorrow night!

Love ya

Me xxx


Maltese Manor said...

Good to see you back! I look forward to lots more Morley adventures.

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