14 January, 2012

Neighbours, Doves, Friends and Lumps....

That Title sounds like a Soap Opera doesn't it hehehe. Ahhh all will be revieled, keep reading.....

Well Groover's I have been absent for the last couple of days... sorry about that but SOMEHOW life got in the way!

I'm sorry but what's WITH THAT!!

So let's do a little recap to bring you kids up to date:

Ok so on Thursday I had to go to the bank for work and take a billion, trillion coins to have counted and get some $$$ for my Petty Cash tin. Nowwwwww back in the day (and yessssss there was electricity back then hehehe) I can remember taking coins to the bank and they would have this round tin, kinda like a pan that you sift for gold and they would sift all the coins and put them in groups eg. 50 cent coins, 20 cent coins.

And the other day at the bank they now have this!

Anddddd you just pour in all the coins and it goes on a little conveyer belt and counts up all the coins and at the end it spits out a receipt that you take the to teller and either deposit into your account or ask for a breakdown in notes etc.

And you know what was funny? At the end when it was starting to slow down and you can hear the coins being counted, I could imagine that there were these little pigmy's in the machine counting, counting, counting as fast as they could go hehehe.

Anyway you know meeeee :) I like to share stuff and I found this whole new way of how banks count coins interesting. Makes you think about all the people in the past that have lost their jobs now due to all this technology. But don't get me wrong, I loveeee technology, I mean look at me here with my own website! But just makes you look back I guess on how things used to be.

And on Thursday night I had a great chat with Jake via Facebook Chat that has a video thing up the top of the box that is linked to Skype. So we could see each other and chat and Funny Nana thought it was hilarious that we could see him and he could see us, all because of that little dot (camera) up the top of the laptop screen LOL.

And you doooooo gotta love the good old technology as Jake then took me on a tour of his apartment!! So was great to chat and see his sad face :)

And then yesterday was Friday. Yesssssss finally! I had an appt after work with my doctor. And before we get into all of that I would like to share this clip that I watched this week via some of my friends on Facebook:

Dear 16yo Me

You see last year I found a lump. And I was really scared to have it checked and this week when I watched that video I thought to myself that I need to do something about it. So it was mainly watching that video along with the death of Kristian Anderson that made me do something about it.

Now the lump is actually on the top of my head, more closer to my hairline and I guess maybe the size of your little fingernail.

So I was pretty scared late yesterday afternoon and I guess it makes you think of other people, when they too have been scared and then get told that it could be serious.

But Groover's I was lucky. Very lucky. You see it is, is a cyst and prob a block hair folicle and the best thing is to just leave it alone. She had a very good look at it and so I am quite relieved to be honest with the outcome.

I guess I wanted to say to you kids is this: don't wait, don't put yourself through all that stress and don't leave it until it's too late as you have friends and family that need you here to be around :)

Geez I like to share don't I hehehe.

Soooooooo that was the last couple of days!

And this morning, you know a morning that I could sleep IN! I didn't. I didn't because of two things:

No. 1 Reason

Next door are having a HUGE PARTY tonight. These are the neighbours I don't really know. They started mowing on their ride on mower at 7am today. Thanks neighbours.... buttttttt I was already awake. That brings us to,

No. 2 Reason

Mumma and Dadda Dove decided to try and build up their nest with more twigs, so from about 6am one was on the eggs, the other was bringing in new twigs.

Yepppppppppppp it was all happening early today at Morley Manor!

And later in the day I had coffee with a friend that I hadn't seen for quite some time, her name is Rebecca:

We do go back about 17 years believe it or not... I know I can't believe it has been that long. In my mind she will always be around 21/22 from when I first met her. But it was great to catch up and hear all about her life. She is married with two beautiful boys. Def makes me feel old...... But always great to catch up with her.

And that brings us all up to date! Ohhhhhhh and one thing I didn't mention is that the naughty Travel Bug has been nipping at my heals this week. I tried and trieddddd but what can I say. I am weak!!! And I gave in and have a few things up my sleave for a bit later on in the year. But of course if I told you, I would have to kill you.

And YES JAKE, that means you too. My lips are sealed..... for now!

Ok well you guys all have a great night. Wish me luck with sleeping tonight with the party next door. My waters are telling me its going to be a doozy and we all know that those waters of mine def DO NOT LIE!!!

Oh here's a thought: I might just get my ride on mower... and do a few laps tomorrow morning around at 6am. (of course I don't really have a ride on mower. Maybe I can just use my normal mower). Actually they might still be up partying.... I'll have to think of something else!

Wish me luck!

Me xxx


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