06 January, 2012

The Baby Jake Reminder List!

Ok so my good friend Barb suggested to me a couple of weeks ago that I should write a blog and make it a list of things that Jake does that REALLY annoys the crap out of me so that when I start to miss him (which hasn't really happened yet to be honest!) I can read this list and it can remind me of allllll the stuff he does that let us just say doesn't bring a smile to my face!

Sooooooooooooo where does one start, when there is soooo much to choose from?

I think I might start with things lately that I come to memory.

1. Putting on a small load of washing the night before flying out to Hamilton Island so that the next day all I had to do was in the morning put them in the dryer. And then coming downstairs in the morning to find that Jake has put all his washing ON TOP of my washed clothes and added washing powder and has set the washing machine to wash later in the morning......

2. Buying a packet of chips and hiding them in a cupboard a few weeks before Christmas to then bring them out after Christmas due to all the food we ate and putting them in my pantry when Jake was a away for a few days. Jake returns home and the next day I go to get the chips to take to a friends house anddddddddddddddddddddd they are GONE!

3. Asking Jake for many many days prior Christmas to get the spa chemicals but alas whilst on Christmas Day he he does refill the spa with clean water and only some chemicals but because he only cleans and fills it that day it's not warm enough on Christmas Day to get in :(

4. The many times that Jake has lost his Foxtel remote and come upstairs to get mine and then when I return home from work find I don't have a remote...

5. And of course when I return from holidays or a weekend away I return home to find my kitchen sink upstairs in MY HOUSE, full of dirty dishes.

6. The numerous times Jake has forgotten to put out our wheelie bin out for collection and it also happens to coincide when the bin IS FULL! And so for the next week we have overflowing rubbish!

7. What about when I bought two expensive continental quilts. 1 x Double Bed for the visitors bedroom and 1 x Queen for me, only to realise that I just wanted to keep the one that I was already using. I had put the visitors one on the bed and asked Jake did he want the Queen one, to which he answered no. So I took it back and got a refund. Mmmm maybe a week later I find that Jake has now decided to "borrow" the visitor's quilt for his bed downstairs and as we speak this same "Visitor's quilt" is currently residing in Yulara, Ayers Rock!!!

8. Of course there was that time on band camp..... hahaha nahhh! Jake only ever played the recorder and not very well! LOL
9. And who can forget that night when Jake and Embee were running around my lounge room and ran into my wall and broke my painting that was hanging on the wall. Mind you that was the first time that Baby Jake used our new vacuum cleaner.... to clean up THE MESS!

10. And let us not forget - WHICH IS STILL VERY FRESH IN MY MIND... - the broken toilet door lock that Jake forgot to mention and then I spend 6 days... ok 15 mins THAT FELT LIKE 6 DAYS!!! trapped inside!

11. The numerous times that there were piles and piles of washing and clean washing (but I couldn't tell the difference) on the floor in our laundry and Jake's hallway andddddddddd Jake's bedroom floor!!!

12. When Jake comes upstairs and decides to do a No.2 in MY TOILET!! (and never gets locked in!)

13. Cooks a great dinner and uses every pot and pan in the house and of course when he cooks I have to wash up. When I cook, I HAVE TO STILL WASH UP!!!

14. Now Jake cooks a mean BBQ buttttttttttt loves to just leave everything out at the BBQ. Soooooo of course I now need to learn how to BBQ BUT will clean up all the mess afterwards. Win-Win hehehe.

15. You know when you think you have either bread or milk in your fridge and come home from work and have neither? Yep me too, thanks Baby Jake!

16. Now I love Raison Toast, but what about when you buy a loaf and freeze it and maybe get two slices out of it! Because two days later you go back and it's all gone :(

17. How about when you've hit the wall at 9pm and getting ready soon to go to bed but no Jake comes upstairs or comes into your bedroom when you are aleady laying in bed reading andddddddddddddd wants to have BIG CHATS!!!

18. Last year I bought this great Bose docking station for my iPhone. Where is it now you ask? Oh yeah that's right it's in Yulara..... :(

19. Of course it's just not the same now without going downstairs and seeing every light on as well as the air con running in one room whilst the fan is also going in the bedroom and nobody is in either room....

and last but not least!

20. You know when they go out and you wake up at 4am and they still aren't home and so you check outside through the window to see if their car is back, then you check your phone but no text message? And you think to yourself OH MY GOD I HAVE BECOME MY NANA!!! Yeahhhhhhh me tooooo hehehe.

Phewwwwwww that felt good to get THAT all off my chest!

So on that postive note Groover's, I'm a feeling pretty good thanks for taking part in a little thing I like to call:

"20 Reasons not to miss having Jake at home..."


Me xxx

Love and miss ya Jake baby!


Anonymous said...

That cracks me up lol! You also must not forget how damn stubborn he is lol!

Ash :P

Brent said...

Gee only 20

aus.keeys said...

Did he take your Michael Buble CD's with him too?? I know how much of a fan Jake is ;)

The Morley Report said...

He took every last thing that I had of Buble's, soooo you know what that means don't ya?

Moreeeeeee Buble adventures - you know to restock the things Jake took with him! hehehe

The Morley Report said...

Brenton, in hindsight I should have titled this Blog Part 1 hehehe.

Of courseeeeee I got more up my sleeve :)

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