25 January, 2012

A Lamb amongst the Gum Trees.....

Well Groover's it's the night before Australia Day and right now I am full to the brim from the most lovely Roast Leg of Lamb accompanied by roast potatoes and roast pumpkin and for those of you overseas - this is not pumpkin out of a can!

But before we talk more about my yummy dinner tonight I wanted to let you all know that this morning when I woke up and looked outside I was very very relieved to find that I was not "living on an island" and that my back yard and the main road out the front of my house were fine!!

So Embee has packed her little yellow life jacket away, somewhere safe and sound just in case we need it for some other day, as they have forecast more rain in coming days!

And this afternoon I actually read on Facebook that there was a tree and power lines down on our road, not far from Morley Manor. And then tonight we had a visit from Phil our Electrician who told me that the tree had actually come down on a top of a two storey house! So tomorrow I might go for a drive past to check it out. Poor people.

And how is this for a small world: Phil our Electrician used to work for the Brisbane City Council many years ago and knew my Grandad, as you see he used to drive the Tower Lift in the Brisbane City Hall back in the 1980's.

I used to love going for a drive up in the Tower Lift and then walk around the lookout at the top of the tower. Right now they are actually restoring the City Hall and it has been shut for some time. When it reopens which prob won't be until late in 2012, I plan to take a visit for Grandad as I know he would have loved to have seen it all restored. He had fond memories of the time he spent working there until his retirement :)

So tonight Mum and I cooked a lovely Leg of Lamb, the way that Grandad used to cook it along with homemade gravy! And in a sec I'm gonna have me a Chocolate Paddle pop. You can't any Australian as that LOL.

So I'm gonna keep it short and sweet, yep just like ME! hehe

Night Groovers

Me xxx


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