09 January, 2012

Once upon a time....

in a far far away land called "Morley Land" there lived a sexy hot Mumma known as Kazzachezza, an amazingly beautiful girl (cause we don't use the word Dog in this house - IT'S A SWEAR WORD!!) called Embee Louise anddddddddddddd their Funny Nana.

Their house was immaculate with many empty boxes... :) :)

They were filthy rich and had hot gardener's, spa cleaners, handy men (who were REALLY HANDY, if you get what I mean) anddddddd everything in their life was grand....

Hang on a sec ARE WE ALL ON DRUGS HERE? Okkkkkkkk some of you might be and sure Funny Nana IS! hehehe but Embee Louise and I are kind sane... well I did say KINDA!

Sooooooooooo after a big weekend MY GOD was it good to return to work today to "relax and not open boxes".

I came into work today bearing gifts: gifts of little dolls and pills! Yep you read it correctly althoughhhhh it was more gifts of little dolls!

My friend Bob has a 9 month old granddaughter and so some of Funny Nana's things went to her. Here is a pic of Bob admiring the dolls!

Not sure if she will ever get them or maybe they might end up in the Man Shed! tee hee

Ohhhh sorry WRONG TYPE OF DOLLS!!! And you know what? Bob is retiring on the 27th January. He was showing me today on the board at work the big writing that says "Bob's last Day!". Ahhhh imagine that - RETIRING :)

And then there were the little pills! See Greg sit at his Desk. See Greg swallow all of Funny Nana's pills........

Naughty Greg! LOL

Nahhhh I just had all of Mum's tablets to take to the chemist this afternoon to make up a new Webster-pak for her. Now do we all know what a Webster-pak is?

Well for those of you that don't know here is a description and pic:

Many people face the daily routine of taking a number of pills and capsules in the right combinations, at the right time.

Webster-pak is a safe and simple medication pack. It sets out all the tablets and capsules that need to be taken at each particular time of the day, for each day of the week. This makes it easy to manage medication.

The pharmacist takes the doctor’s prescriptions and dispenses the medication into a blister pack. This pack is securely sealed so the medication is protected and there is no chance of spilling or mixing things up. The pack lists all the contents plus other medications taken, providing vital information for hospital or ambulance staff in the case of emergency.

Over the last so many years looking after both Mum and Grandad I have had to learn all these things. So as I have said before Knowledge is Power! And hopefully most of you haven't had to come to this stage in life when you need to care for your parents or in my case grandparents. You can make 100 phone calls only to find number 98 is the one that gives you the right info and the right place to turn next.

I had never heard of a Webster-pak until a few years ago, so now tonight I have passed on this info and I sure hope that you don't need to know this anytime soon!

Soooooo today after work I just had to organise a new chemist to deliver Mum's Webster-pak and had all the tablets at work with me (to remind me!). Greg loved it hehehe.

And hello but WHAT A HOT DAY in Brisbane it was today! Can you believe that it was hotter here in Brisbane than it was at Ayers Rock where Jake is! It has been raining the last couple of days out there, hence why it was cooler!

When I did have to walk outside it was like a Sauna!

And so Funny Nana (as shall now call her) has settled in quite well and today was her first day in "her house". She spent the day unpacking a few things and TURN AWAY JAKE..... feeding Embee treats!

I reckon that eventually Embee won't be able to walk and will need a skate board to roll along on! hehehe

So they had a good day and then tonight, welllllll let us say US GIRLS wanted a little bit of "Eye Candy" soooooo Funny Nana was good enough to have a little fall on the carpet downstairs and I couldn't pick her UP!

Sooooooooo we had to call TWO HOT AMBULANCE men to come to our aid! NOICE I know, we try.....

Butttttt Groover's Funny Nana is ok. She falls from time to time and even when I was much younger (like an Embryo! Cause I'm not that old....) she would fall over even back then! I just hope that it doesn't happen a lot which would mean she can't live here even for the six months :(

And she felt really silly and was embarrassed... poor kid!

Anyway we are all good now and I have been cooking and writing my Morley Report all at the same time, cause let's just face it I AM THAT TALENTED hehehe. Hey what can I say: us women are multi-skilled! :)

I wonder what tomorrow night will bring? I hope next time the Ambulance Men don't wear any clothes.... Oops did I just type that out loud? hehehe

Nightttttt & pleasant dreams... I know that I will! :)

Me xxx


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