05 January, 2012

Lock, Stock and One Smoking Morley....

Well Groover’s I’m home......

I don’t thank that sentence requires any further words hehehe.

So yesterday we had our last amazing day at the Beach Club on Hamilton Island. I cannot believe looking back now, how lucky we were with the most amazing weather, friendly and helpful staff, food & drinks to die for and the pool well you know if you get me started on how wonderful that pool was we will be here FOREVER! LOL

I’ve been “selling” the resort to everyone I talk to from the Mini Movers guy who rang me yesterday (whilst I was sitting by the pool) to reconfirm my Mum’s move this Saturday to my boss at work.

I guess when you find somewhere that really caters to what you like; you like to let the world know! Because I think nowadays it is hard to find somewhere that meets your needs as well as meets your expectations! And you don’t even mind paying that little bit extra because you just know that it will make your entire holiday experience soooo much better!

So as per the norm I spent the morning before our flight, by the pool. I am sure going to miss it and today at work in my mind I was still lounging around that pool! Gotta love that first day back at work when your mind is still on holiday’s hehehe.

And yesterday whilst sitting there surrounded by such luxury I thought again to my New Year’s Resolution – to just be happy and thankful for what I have. The night before whilst getting ready for dinner; I read on Facebook that a girl that was in my class at High School is currently homeless. You see another friend from school ran into her that day and she has opened up her house to her. Isn’t that such an amazing thing to do! They used to be best friends at school back in the day.

But as I was getting ready for dinner I was thinking of her and looking around to where I was, on Hamilton Island. And then yesterday by the pool, my goodness I was just soaking it all up and was soooo thankful for EVERYTHING in my life. To Jake, Embee, my Mum, my AMAZING friends, my job, my house…. It’s a grand thing to be happy and content with all that you have and I know it’s as rare as hens teeth... buttttttttt right now I am just so appreciative for all that I have.

And so yesterday when the time came to leave, the staff at the Beach Club were so friendly and helpful. I even got a big hug from one of the girls! Such a nice bunch of kids who work extremely hard and always having a smile and a laugh with you.

As I wrote on Facebook yesterday “in the words of Arnie I’ll be backkkkkkkkkkkkkk”.

When we arrived at the airport we were surprised that we advised of a special “quiet and beautifully air conditioned departure lounge” for people staying at the Beach Club and Qualia resorts. And just between you and me, the peace alone was worth it as downstairs it was a sooo loud and crazy!!

And I was lucky to sit beside my lovely friend Anne on the plane coming home. Anne had been staying on Daydream Island to visit her son who works there and she also celebrated her 70th Birthday on New Year’s Eve. Happy Birthday my friend :)

But Groover’s Anne is a little bit naughty becauseeeeeeeeee she shouted me a Rum & PEPSI! OMG what is the go with Pepsi being everywhere.... So two drinks of Rum and Pepsi and I was having a grand old time on that flight hehehe.

My friend Elaine collected me from the airport, thanks Elaine! And we decided to have an early dinner before going home so that 1. I didn’t see Embee and want to stay home and 2. I didn’t want to face my Baby Jakeless House :(

And speaking of Jake whilst we were waiting for our food Jake called me! So we had a good chat about how it’s all going. Sounds like he is really enjoying all the new experiences! I did read however that last night after our phone call he fell asleep, woke up at 10pm and then walked around the resort trying to find some food and came up with NOTHING! In the end his dinner was an Apple that he had in his bag... Hehehe Poor Kid!

So after my dinner with Elaine we headed home and you know what kids, I won’t lie it was really strange to walk in and see Jake’s lounge room empty. And I have to say (along with James and Louise’s help...) Jake did do a pretty good job of tidying everything up!

Ok so the next part of my story you may need to sit down, it’s a DOOZY!

Now when I got home I was dying to use my toilet. Now my toilet is separate to my bathroom ok, just so you have a visual. And actually to refresh your memory here is a pic of when we found Brenton the Rabbit on the toilet floor one morning after a pretty big night out on the town.

Okkkkkk so you can see it’s a small room right? Imagine this if you can... So I arrive home, busting to go to the toilet. I go into the toilet, shut the door (as you do….) and I did hear it sound strange when the door closed, but hey I was busting! And then after I was finished I flushed and went to open the door andddddddddddddd I’M LOCKED IN!

Thank the lord Elaine was there becauseeeeeeeee remember I am home alone at the moment! And so we both tried either side to get the door to open with no luck. I am starting to panic, sweating, getting claustrophobic (as you would...). Now the toilet does have a window, butttttttt they are louvers that don’t move. Stillllll I put up my blind so I could at least tell myself I did have a window, even if I couldn’t open it... :(

And it was getting soooo hot that I started to take my clothes off and then I thought to myself: great imagine finally getting rescued and I come out naked!! hahaha.

At one stage, ok TWICE we thought we would have to ring a locksmith and I was trying to tell myself not to panic as I might be in there for a while.

I had recently tidied up my linen closet where I kept my “Girl Tools” and was trying to explain where my hammer was. I even asked Elaine, who has a very very bad back at the moment, to just break down the door cause I didn’t care I just wanted AIR!!!!!!

But that didn’t work either. Damn door hehehe. Eventually she did locate my hammer and whatever she did on her side at the very same time I turned my knob (I knowwwwwwww but I mean the knob on the door Groover’s hehehe) andddddddddd OMG OMG IT OPENED!!!!

I just walked into Elaine’s arms for a hug and said THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

She was still holding the hammer and in shock that somehow I managed to get out!

Safe to say right now I have a doorstop under the door and I don’t care who comes over I am going to the toilet with the door open!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe.

Now this was the first time in my life EVER that something like this has happened and the funny thing is that every time my Mum comes to visit she keeps saying to me to get the lock fixed!!!!!!! Seeee Mother’s DO KNOW BEST!

And get this little tidbit of info: I was speaking to Jake again tonight on the phone OHHHHH and he forgot to tell me about that! It seems his friend Louise got stuck in there too around 4am on the Tuesday but all he had to do was lift the door and jig it a bit and a couple of mins later she got out. UNLIKE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

So after my BIG TOILET ADVENTURE, it was time to bring my blood pressure down LOL and soooo we went and had a lovely spa, which helped Elaine’s back and my anxiety levels at the same time!

So after our great spa and some chats Elaine headed home and it was just me and Embee Louise.

I guess I was very tired, I unpacked, even did some washing… and maybe it just hasn’t really hit me yet that Jake is not coming back in a couple of days. But for some strange reason, even today I seem ok. Who knows maybe in my mind I had already made peace with it all. Because we all know this day does come to us eventually... and it’s what I want for Jake. To have fun and adventures, to meet interesting people from all over the world and just enjoy life!

I have also had some lovely personal messages from friends checking in on me to make sure I am doing ok! A Big Thank YOU to each and every one of you, it touches my heart to know that you care :)

And Groover’s guess what? My Mother Dove is back her nest hatching some eggs I think! I checked her out last night when I got home (before the toilet adventure) and again this morning! So this has made me excited too! Doesn’t take much hey! Hehehe.

Well that is where I am going to leave you tonight! I have a bit of cleaning up to do to prepare for my Mum moving in on Saturday and of course Embee Louise needs some Mumma Loving as she has missed me (and vice versa) soooooo MUCH!

Night and remember – always check your toilet LOCK! LOL

Me xxx


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