31 January, 2012

The Tree of Life...

So first of all I would like to thank you Groover's for your comments and private emails to me about last night's blog - Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

Do you know what I love is that I have friends and readers that have opinions and are not afraid to voice them!

I know this website is dreadful for leaving comments and I am in the process of changing over to a much more user friendly version. But to those of you that took the time I really do appreciate it! :)

I can't wait to hear your opinions once the Documentary has aired!

And onto some other sad news. Today I heard from a very good friend of mine that his Mum had passed away. Of course, me being me I had a few tears for her.

Life is such a fragile thing isn't it. And when it ends, no matter the age or reason it's sad. But death I'm afraid is part of life. And you only need to hear other people's stories, stories of little babies not living long, or some that don't even get a chance to live to sometimes put it all into perspective.

I know I did this with my Grandad as a friend of mine lost a baby just before it was due and I thought to myself here I am feeling sorry for myself for losing my Grandad but he got to live this long amazing life until he was nearly 92!

But we all need to grieve, for the young, the old, the sick, the healthy and we all grieve differently. I sometimes like to refer to my Grandad or back to when I first lost him to explain my own take on things sometimes.

And I think until you have gone through something like this you don't truly get it. And please do not get me wrong here. Of course you are sad and you feel your friend's/partner's pain but until you yourself have experienced this loss yourself it's really hard to describe the emptiness that you feel.

And just like the books say, it takes time to heal, time to smile again and we are all so different with how this will all come about.

As we get older I'm afraid this loss is something that we will all have to endure at some stage of our life, whether we want to or not. But with this pain, comes growth and we become stronger for having survived and come out the other end.

So to my two friends tonight that have lost their Mum, I send you my love and a HUGE MORLEY HUG! Of course I could do a tap dance for you both but somehow I don't that right now is appropriate. Let me know when you are up to it and I'll bring round them dancing shoes :)

And speaking of Dancing Shoes.... I spoke to Baby Jake last night. We had a grand chat and I have to say that when I got off the phone I was a little sad and realised that I was missing him a bit. But then I remembered my Blog:

The Baby Jake Reminder List

Of course I didn't need to read too many to lift myself back up again hehehe. Thanks Barb for suggesting I write such a blog!!

Butttttttt I love our chats and this time around we were talking about me visiting him later in the year. I was only thinking today to myself, as you do.... can you EVEN imagine me on that plane flying out there to Ayers Rock! OMG I am going to be beside myself with excitement :) Poor Baby Jake hehehe.

Ahhh Life! It moves on no matter who or what happens but sometimes we just need to sit back and say to ourselves, you know what? How lucky am I to have this wonderful life that I lead, with amazing friends, family and little Embee Louise and my Dove family!

On that note tonight, take some time out to sit back

and appreciate the wonderful things that you yourself have in your own life and we'll chat again tomorrow night!

Me xxx


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