03 January, 2012

Another Morley Day in Paradise.....

You know that point in the holiday when you see FOOD and you think I CANT DO ANYMORE CAP-A-TAN.... Well I think I reached that moment today at breakfast!!

We have had the most amazing food here at The Beach Club on Hamilton Island. We did venture out of the resort on the first night and let's just say I didn't eat all of my dinner as it wasn't the best!

Last night we did venture out again to Romano's and it was def worth it. Tonight for our last night we are having dinner with our new friend Tracey that we met last night on our Twilight Cruise, at the restaurant here at our resort.

Now it's a bit couple'ish so I don't think the restaurant will quite know what'll hit it tonight around 7pm LOL.

We are also attending the Sunset drinks in the Beach Club Lounge tonight prior to dinner which should be loads of fun!

And today there have been a few clouds around which I have to say I don't really mind as we have had the best weather and have been extremely lucky! Right now I am laying on my comfy bed in the air con and thought I would be a good Groover and make a start on my Morley Report early for you kids.... I knowwwwww I'm so caring!

So the other day I put a link on my Facebook page of my most fave song at the moment. Today I dedicate this song to my Baby Jake who today has flown the coup (finally as some of you may say....) and as I type has landed in Ayers Rock to start his BIG ADVENTURE.

You can count on me!

I'm soooo very proud of you Jake, have fun and I cannot wait to hear all your Rock Goss! :)

Here is a pic that he took today on the walk back to his "house"....

And it was funny because we were talking on the phone this afternoon and Jake was in the Staff Rec Bar and went outside and whilst talking to me he could see the end bit of Uluru i.e. Ayers Rock and whilst he could see that, I was looking out over The Whitsunday's. Talk about from one extreme to another!

You gotta love a day when you just slosh around :) I am going to leave you now and head out onto my balcony and slosh around on the sun lounge out there..... LOL

Wellllll **** MORLEY NEWSFLASH **** The sun came out today and it ended up being the most amazing day!! Our new friend Tracey came across and we hung out by the pool and had some lunch and then tonight our resort had some drinks & nibbles in the club lounge as I mentioned earlier.

In the late afternoon I took myself down onto the beach and sat and watched everything from my sun lounge. This is the view looking up from my sun lounge up to the sky via the thatched roof!

And tonight we had a lovely dinner by the pool for our last night here.

And of course no dinner photo's can be complete without the Awkward Family Portrait Shot! hehehe

It sure is funny isn't it when you are just soooo over all the food and drinks. I think you get to a stage when your body just shouts out NO MOREEEEEEEEEEEE hehehe.

Here was what we had for dinner:

This was Karen's which was Pan Seared Duck Breast boudin noir, exotic mushroom and confit duck risotto, porcini jus

This was Tracey's which was Pressed Lamb Shank (sorry not sure of the rest)

And last but not least mine which was Twice cooked Pork Belly and Green Tea noodles.

And at dinner tonight we got talking, as you do about stuff anddd you are going to love this, we talked about Imaginary Friends. Did you ever have one or more when you were little?

Wellllll I did. Actually I had a few... I knowwwww I'm sad and this is why you love me right? I SAID RIGHTTTTTTT? tee hee

I had imaginary friends from Gilligan's Island... but before you pick yourself up off the floor, wait for the next bit: I was prob around 3 or 4 years old and I had an imaginary boyfriend called Gregory. I kid you not!

And I used to talk about him all the time. And then one day I didn't and my Mum said to me one day "Karen you don't talk about Gregory anymore, what happened to him?" and I replied "Well Mum he got run over by a car and died." Yep just like that! Can you even believe it....

You know they say that when kids talk about Imaginary Friends sometimes its actually ghosts... I knowwwwwww I USED TO SEE DEAD PEOPLE hehehe. But how strange don't you think, even for me!

Remember that movie "Drop Dead Fred"? I rest my case! I mean come on where does a 4yo get this stuff.... Strange indeed looking back.

Well that brings me to end of Another Morley Day In Paradise...

Tomorrow is our last day here and whilst it will be great to return back home to Embee, my house and my spa :) I am also not looking forward to seeing my Baby Jake free house tomorrow night buttttt I'm gonna try and be BRAVE!

Night Groover's

Me xxx

Gregory says Hi! He is with me here on Hamilton Island! Just for a quick holiday/visit hehehe.


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