21 February, 2012

Bob the Builder..... Can we fix it?

Last night I had to work back late to set up a brand new training room that we have had built at work.

The smell of paint and new carpet... makes you wish you could have the same done at home!

But having said that right now as I type our wonderful "Mower Man" Peter has been doing a few jobs around Morley Manor.

First up was reinstalling our old pool fence and putting this back up around our spa. Looks pretty good so far, what do you kids think?

He is also working on our front entry and we will (or should I say Peter will...) be tiling the front entry, so should look really good once it's all done. Here is a before pic for now:

But it had me thinking andddddddddddddddd we all know that can be a very dangerous thing hehehe. I was thinking back to few years ago, Jake was around 17 as he had his drivers lic. and was driving a little Ford Festiva. Now his father dropped in to deliver an early Christmas present for Jake, but then made Jake and I promise not to open it before Christmas Day.

Now it was a huge, heavy present and we had no idea what it was, so of course we agreed and thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn as soon as he left we opened it! Ummm ahhhh tee hee.

And the look on Baby Jake's face was priceless. You see he had been hoping, by the size and weight that maybe just maybe it was a Car CD player.

Along with a stacker thing that they put in the boot like this....

But alas it ended up being this.........

Poor Baby Jake.

But OMG Groover's I laughed and laughed and laughed.... and even Jake did too at the end. Because you see Jake + a Tool Box, wellllllllllll his dad meant well and it was a lovely Tool Box, buttttttttttt kids Baby Jake and a Tool Box, well they just don't really go together.

It's def in the genes. I can remember back in 1988 we were living in Townsville and we bought this funky large brand new Entertainment Unit. Now for a normal person it prob would take mmmm a couple of hours maybe to put together, but for Jake's dad..... 24 hours!!!!

So whilst it was a nice thought to purchase Jake a Tool Set, in reality he hasn't really had anyone to learn from on what tool does what. I mean in our house my tool box consists of the following:

1 x Phillips Head Screwdriver
1 x Normal Screwdriver (not sure what it's called)
1 x Hammer

And nowwwwwwww I have two Hammer's. 1 normal one and 1 Girlie one that's pink and when you screw the bottom off there are little screwdrivers inside. It's very cute!! :)

Something like this!

And whilst we did use a few things in the Tool Box, in reality for about a year it served really well as a Door Stop!!

So right now my Mower Man Peter also has a few odd jobs that Jake just never got around too.... funny that!

And you know I am always in awe of men that can build and fix things... So Groover's if you happen to have one of your very own "Bob the Builder" then WHATEVER YOU DO HANG ON TO HIM!!! or HER :)

I'm off to go polish my Pink Hammer :)


Me xxx


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