22 December, 2011

They call me The Cheryl.....

So last night I received a lovely comment on my Facebook wall from my friend Nikki. Thanks Nikki :) xxx

Now back in the day Nikki was my "Buddy" when I worked for Sunlover Holidays (wasn't she lucky... hehehe) and if you know me then you know that I LIKE TO ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS!

And when I started it was very very busy and we worked in a call centre, so you could only get help when someone was off the phone. And this was my first job returning back to the workforce after having Jake. So my mind was a little jumbled anyway by being not only a mother but a single mother at that!

And quite a lot of the people at Sunlover Holidays were young. Much younger than me and it was hard to bond with them at the start. I guess as we were all very busy and maybe I seemed like a sad old mum to them! :)

Now don't get me wrong, they were not mean but I guess I just felt like I didn't really fit in very well or gel with the team. But that was all about to change!!

And in my team there were, wait for it......... 4 Karen's! I know can you even imagine it! LOL

Now when you work in the Travel Industry you get sent away on what they call Famil's which is short for Familiarisation's. Which really means you go away and visit LOTS of holiday properties and stay in some over night to familiarise yourself with them, so that when you return to work you can promote and sell this property to Travel Agents.

And once a year we were sent on a Team Building Famil, which was always loads of fun! :)

And my very first ever Team Famil was too The Whitsunday's. One of my fave places in Australia to visit!

And because we were away for two nights you really got to know your team very well. I think they realised that the one with all the questions wasn't that bad after all. THANK THE LORD!

But Groover's here is the thing..... On one of the days when we were all on a magnificent catamaran out on the water somehow the subject turned to how many Karen's we had in the team. Thennnnnnnnnn we started to talk about our middle names.... and me being the dick that I am told my team that my middle name was in fact CHERYL! WHY WHY did I do this....

I knowwwwwwwww you now all know that this is my middle name. There is only one thing really left to do, that is to kill you all!

Cheryl, Groover's (and no disrespect to any Cheryl's reading this...) but to me WHAT WAS MY MOTHER THINKING...

So from that moment on I was affectionately known within my team as:

THE CHERYL................

And to this day people STILL call me Cheryl!

So what's your middle name? Come onnnnnnnnnnnnn I told you mine!

The Cheryl xxx


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