25 December, 2011

Well what a difference a year makes....

Today I had the most lovely Christmas kids :)

It all started last night when Mum and I sat down to a roast lamb dinner, the kind that Grandad used to make. Mum made the gravy (I am a shocker making real gravy), then we decorated upstairs a little bit to get into the festive season.

This morning I woke up feeling happy, a big change from last year let me tell you. I found that this years Xmas was spent remembering all the good times with my Grandad and Nana and not being sad. Def a relief because I guess you can never really tell how these days may go!

Remember when your kids woke up early on Xmas morning? Nowwwwww it's the other way around! Look at what greeted me when I went downstairs this morning:

Aren't I lucky :)

We opened our presents, even Embee Louise had a special visit from Santa!

And can you believe it but EVEN Baby Jake Morley received a visit. As he is a connoisseur of EXTREMELY HOT Chilli Sauce Santa delivered this little beauty for his taste buds and bottom hole!!!!!!!

Jake made us one of his special Pancake breakfasts! mmmmmm

And then I made some things for lunch and Jake cooked a Roast Chicken! Now my good friend Barb cooked a Roast Chicken today as well. A Jamie Oliver one and had a lovely pic up on Facebook!

So I waited for Jake to leave the kitchen and decided to have a little looksy into the oven to check out our chook! And kids, this is what I found.....

Don't ask me why but I expected to hear the song "Well Hello Dolly.... and the chicken to start kicking it's drumsticks up and down...." hehehe.

Over the last few years we have gone out for lunch and last year it just wasn't the same without Grandad so we made a decision to stay home this year and I have to say it was a great idea!

It was lovely to just go to our schedule and eat, drink and be merry when we felt like it rather than be at a restaurant by a certain time.

I also spent the day listening to Michael Buble's Christmas songs which made me really happy :)

We also had a visit in the afternoon from James, Louise, Elaine and Heather so that they could say goodbye to Jake as he is leaving in a few days to start his new job!

So all round it was a really was a wonderful Christmas Day! I feel so at peace and happy this year and can you believe it, only 4 more sleeps until I fly out to Hamilton Island for New Years Eve. So Groover's I am def not complaining as life is pretty grand right now!

My wish for you, is that you too had a wonderful Xmas!


Me xxx


Anonymous said...

So happy you had a wonderful christmas. Loved the hello dolly bird! LOL....
Have a fantastic time on Hamilton!
Ange x

Mandy Thomas-Wilson said...

So glad you had a great day Miss Karen...a very Merry Christmas to you, Jake & Embee Louise from all of us here! We wish you continued love & happiness in your adventures into 2012! Love Mandy, Daniel & family xxx

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