06 December, 2011

It’s Murder on the Dance Floor....

So yesterday it was back to work day for me! ☹ And the reason why? Well one of my favourite sayings goes: The things we do for money... $$$$ That's why LOL

It was an interesting day back as look what I found outside the front of our office:

Yep it’s a snake skin and Seamus was very very interested in it hehehe.

And last night as I wrote my extra HUGE Morley Report, Baby Jake had finally decided he had had enough of his long hair. You see he and James have had a competition on growing Jake’s hair. If he could grow it long to the top of his nose thennnnnnnnnnnn he could shave James’s hair very SHORT!

I think Jake has won, not sure to be honest but all I know is that his hair has gone.

Check these pics out:

Embee Louise paid a visit to work today but alas Seamus was home with his Dad! Not to worry as Embee made the most of it and really enjoyed her special yoghurt container thanks to Andrew :

Actually I think Andrew has taken to feeding the Morley’s as he left me a little surprise at my desk today (anddddddddddd it’s not what you think!!!) Look at this delightful little Lasagne along with a note on my computer telling me THAT I MUST EAT IT!!!!!! Which of course I did, thanks Andrew xxx

Wonder what Jake is going to get as both Embee and I have had our turn!

Now the title tonight of my blog is: Murder on the Dance Floor because after our huge weekend down in Sydney it had me thinking of all the fun I have had on dance floors over the years!

As mentioned in previous blogs one of the very first times in a nightclub at the age of 16! I knowwwwwwwwww I was with a girlfriend and we were asked to dance by these two guys, the song was Billy Idol – White Wedding anddddddd as we got to talking I find out they are police officers and we are both underage! Longest song of my life! hehehe

The nightclub I first went to was called The Court Jester and it cost $5 entry. But as the months went on it started to get a bit rough with broken glass on the dance floor and the end for me was when there was a boy throwing up in the girl’s toilets!

We then moved on to Sybil’s Nightclub because it was $7 and for $2 more you got a better clientele! Hehehe. Crazy kids we were...

I remember being at Sybil’s when Michael Jackson’s Thriller was released, when we all danced in a circle whilst two guys dressed alike with one glove each doing their Breakdancing moves!

And of course there was always that really sad drunk guy that either tried to win on with you or your friend and wouldn’t leave you alone so that your friends had to dance in a circle around you to block him. I guess nowadays they might call that Cock Blocking! LOL

The song Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye brings back interesting memories of a night in a nightclub and kissing some random dude! Naughty little Karen hehehe.

And how can I forget the time we all went away for the weekend down the coast to Coolangatta and started drinking at our unit and then went out to a nightclub that was directly under our building! Let’s just say that I had had lots to drink before I even stepped into that night club and when we got there I met this really nice, REALLY YOUNG, surfer type dude and we spent the whole night dancing. He was really very lovely and I can remember him telling me that he was leaving to go overseas the next week on a big holiday. My friends were quite worried about me, but Groover’s I was fineeeeeeeeeee.

He was very nice, shame he was leaving... I always used to joke years later that I love the men on the Gold Coast as because they surf I think the wax gets into their eyes and they can’t really see properly so they can’t really work out how old you are! LOL

Now this same night at one stage we were all dancing on the dance floor and you know how things go in slow motion…. Well Elaine was quite dressed up with high heels and a skirt etc. and we were dancing, dancing and then ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (picture this in slow motion ok) nooooooooooo she starts to tumble backwards aka The Matrix style...(how sad that I can still visually see this in my head hehehe) and you kinda think OMG she is going to fall and what did we all do? Well what any good friends would do – DISTANCE YOURSELF.... Hahaha. I know it’s a bit mean but we all started to slowly dance away from her as she was like a turtle on her back! LOL OMG I am still laughing so hard even today all these years later.
Poor kid because yessss eventually we helped her up but months later we find out that she had actually broken her Coccyx (which is the final bottom part of your spine!)

There was also one other famous night out on the town that just happened to be on the Gold Coast as well, in a bar called Cocktails & Dreams.

It was full of backpackers and a group of us had turned up after having dinner at an Indian Restaurant and had already been drinking. It was pitch black and I told everyone to stay at the table at the back and I would go scout for a table closer to the dance floor. So off I went... into the dark... and you know when they have those lights on the steps to say to you: This is a Step? Well I forgot and went head first into table of guys and lost one shoe!

They were a friendly bunch of guys and as I leant on one of them to put my shoe back on like I still had a reputation intact…. When we all looked over at my friends they were killing themselves laughing at me!

But the nice overseas boys let my friends join in on their table and there began my friendship with a guy called Nick! Now he was a coulda, shoulda, but didn’t type of guy ☹ But today 12 years later we are still in touch and good friends!

Imagine if I had of had my wits about me that night and not tripped... Ahhhhh life can sure be interesting can’t it kids!

So there you go, there def has been a few fun nights on dance floors over the years and I sure hope that I still have a few more left in me for more stories to tell and share down the track with you kids!


love from

Karen “Mover & Groover” Morley xxx


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