01 February, 2012

To be or not to be, that is the question....

Well here we are Groover's it's Wednesday night.... nearly the weekend! :)

Do you ever procrastinate? I hate it with a passion. My thing is either that you want to do something or you don't. If you keep going back and forth then you must not really want to do it....

But sometimes I think that we are afraid to actually make the decision at all and this can stop us becoming so much more, what do you think?

Ahhhhhh I know I'm all deep and meaningful tonight aren't I. It's even scaring me hehehe.

Did I ever tell you that I am a freaky organiser? And you know I think I have prob always been this way, well at least as far back as I can remember (and noooo it's not as far back as you THINK! lol).

For some sad reason it's something I like to do. Now of course this skill (if I may call it that) comes in handy every day with my job at work. And it's funny because it's something that I think everybody has... butttttt I am only now beginning to see that this is not always the case.

If I can explain it like this:

When Jake was around 5 I took him to the optometrist (for some freaky reason he used to like going to have his eyes checked... I KNOW go figure) and this one day the optometrist tells me that he has one eye near sighted and one eye far sighted and he needed to get glasses.

Now I had no idea that Jake couldn't see what I could see!! And on the day that we went back for the glasses and Jake put them on and said ohhhhhhhhhhhh WOW look at that wall, picture whatever it was. And how bad did I feel as his mother hearing how amazed he was to just see the normal things that I took for granted every day!

I always like to give him crap about being legally blind (which he isn't, but hey sounds great when I am paying out on him).

And don't even get me started on the the expensive non-breakable pairs that I have bought Jake over the years to only have them BROKEN!!!! It's a huge joke amongst his friends and I think a few of them have broken some of his too!!!

Anywayyyyyy I've got wayyy off the track, so where were we ahhh yessss being organised. So being organised is something that just comes to me, you know like eyesight hehe and then I think that everyone does things the way I do.

I remember a few years ago helping a friend of mine that likes to mmmm how can I put it - Hoard Crap! LOL and she asked me to come over and show her where to even start and of course I did go help.

I always used to tell Jake that really I am quite a lazy person so for this reason I like to keep up to date on things so it doesn't become a really huge job that I will keep putting off!

Ahhh and that brings to mind a story from many many years ago when I was about 21, just about to get married and my ex-husband was living with me at home with my family. Now they were away on a three week holiday and we had the house to ourselves and we used absolutely every dish, plate, bowl in the house. And our house had the tiniest kitchen sink. Of course we had to clean them all before my family returned and so one Friday night we filled the BATHTUB! with dish washing liquid and washed them all and then put them all around the house, down the hallway too, to dry! I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww tee hee. How bad was THAT!

Not the real bath but so you can get a visual LOL

And can I just say that there are certain jobs that I def don't like to do and put off. Things like cleaning the bathroom, storing all the mail in one pile on my kitchen bench etc. etc. Yesss I know that kinda makes me "normal".... I did say KINDA!

And you know I can remember years ago a friend of mine used to love to come over and open my pantry to see how neat it was and how I had things all stack together in groups and because it was just Jake and me, we had smaller versions of things/food. Like baby cans of spaghetti and baked beans!

And I think over the years from living in small places we couldn't afford to hoard any crap and I am a big believe I either will use it/wear it or I won't and if I haven't for let's say 6 months then out it goes!

OMG and I just remembered one story from again a few years back talking to my friend Chris at work and he was asking me what I was doing over the weekend and I told him cleaning out my linen closet... which I WAS! And from that moment on he never let me forget it! hehehe

Now I must also add that I am def not a clean freak (even though Jake may agree, but let's face facts: Jake likes to live in MOLD!) cause you can run your finger over say my entertainment unit and find DUST!

This is Jake but picture a big red ROCK! behind him hehehe.

But what I do do (and that's not dodo or doo doo!) it's what I do! LOL is that everything I own has a place and everything must be put back in it's place. I like to make my bed in the morning, put things away, throw out my garbage on regular intervals, have a clean fridge, up to date food.....

My Grandad used to tease me that when he say offered me a sandwich I would say when did you buy the bread (as you know older people, if they see mold they just scrape it off!!!) and he would say ohhhh back in 1986 hahaha. What can I say I'm a freak of nature!

Ok so maybe Grandad's bread wasn't that moldy and stale hehehe.

Ok so on that note I still haven't made up my mind.... but thanks for listening to me ramble on and onnnn. Oh and just so you know: I wasn't trying to make up my mind to wear pants tomorrow into work. It's Thursday and we all know what that means........


Me xxx


Brent said...

I have to admit it,, I am a Jake,, but maybe not as bad, as I have witnessed it 1st hand.
And maybe even a little bit grandad too,, mouldy bread will do if there is nothing else,, toast only though.
As for the linen cupboard,, well my lovely white sheets are now lovely yellow,, and there are things at the back that have been there for 8 years.
I use the dishwasher as the cupboard,, when it is empty,, I need to empty my sink, and start the process over.
And yes I have a man cave,, everything has a place,, and the place is where it's at.

The Morley Report said...

You know I don't really get this "Man Cave" thing...

You def do sound a bit like Jake though hehehe

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