09 December, 2011

Baby Jake fly’s the coop!

A couple of weeks back I mentioned that I felt like there were big changes in the wind and well in Morley Manor it’s been kinda like a Hurricane...

First of all Ashlee has decided to move back to Sydney and leaves next Wednesday night.

But on much bigger news (well for me anyway) Baby Jake this week has accepted a job to work at Ayers Rock Resort in the Northern Territory here in Australia.

I knowwwwwwwwww ☹

He leaves on Tuesday 3rd January so that means at least we have Christmas together, even if Mr Morley is all Bah Humbug on me when it comes to Christmas time!

Now Jake did ask me tonight to make it known that right now at this point, he hasn't bought the one way fare yet anddddddd has yet to receive the employment contract to sign. So this is the point where I would like add the *** MORLEY DISCLAIMER *** just incase anything changes.... or as I like to say "to cover Jake's Arse!".

And I guess as parents we all know that this day will come but it is still sad when it finally does arrives.

I like to describe it a bit like this:

You know when you have an animal and when they are very old or very sick and the vet says to you "you will know when the right time is to put them down". I think it’s a bit like that, I mean you don’t want to do it but in your heart you just know that the time has come, as sad as it is.

I think this is how I am feeling about Jake leaving. It's a great opportunity but sad (for me) at the same time.

And how exciting is it to be Jake!! Ahhh to be 21 and have this adventure in life all ahead of you. I always said that when we bought our house together it was a shame because I really thought he needed the experience of living out of home and now well he will get this chance.

And this is the link to where Jake is going to be living and working:

Ayers Rock Resort

It has never been on my agenda to travel there, not really sure why, but just hasn’t. Buttttt of course this has all changed so sometime next year I’ll take a small break and go visit Baby Jake and see Ayers Rock.

You know not long after my Nana passed away my Grandad actually went with his great granddaughter Brooke to visit my Uncle who at the time was living out in Alice Springs. And I know he loved it out there and really enjoyed that whole experience. He hadn’t been on a plane since the war so it was a Big Adventure for him, just as it will be for Jake. And I know Grandad would be proud of Jake for making this big move in his life.

Here is a picture of Grandad with Brooke with Ayers Rock in the background!

So be prepared for a bit of a Sooky La La Morley at the start of January as I come to terms with my baby flying the nest... You will have to be gentle with me Groover’s ok.

And for me well I always try to find the positive in things and my positive take on this one Groover’s is that I guess it might mean it’s my time, time to reclaim me and my life back! So whilst the nest might be empty, this Mumma Bird is gonna spread her wings WIDEEEEEE, so watch out world, Mumma is a comin! ☺

Well so there you go; my news doesn’t get much bigger than that. Wellllllll the only thing that could top that is mmmm maybe Embee getting a new bone! LOL

Love ya Baby Jake and soooo proud of you!


Mumma xxx


Anonymous said...

Jake had better get that job.... I can't WAIT to go visit him !!!
Deb xxx

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