27 December, 2011

And then there were none....

Late yesterday afternoon when I did my usual "check on the Baby Doves" there was only one left in the little nest :( The other baby must have decided to venture out into the big world!

So it got me thinking about the one that gets left behind.... I guess it must of been the weaker one or might it have been the smarter one, to stay behind and be the only one now that got food from mum when she returned to the nest?

And when does the Mother Dove not return anymore to the nest to feed her young'uns? I know I ask all the hard hitting questions don't I!

I guess she must know when the time is up, when to let them stand on their own two feet and become their own bird/person.

So then this morning when I woke up the very first thing I did was check on the one and only Baby Dove that was now on it's own, I noticed it trembling a bit, I guess it might have been cold as normally it snuggles up to it's brother/sister.

And you know what, at some stage of our own life we will be on our own. Even if we find the partner of our dreams, get married and live happily after... one day one of us will pass away and then one will be left behind.

Is it better to be the one that leaves or the one that gets left behind? That is the question I ask myself tonight and you too.

Mum, Jake and I count ourselves very lucky that we got to have my Grandad around for another 13 years after my Nana passed away. You see they had been together for a very long time, since they were 16. And they loved each other very much. When I look back now and think how heartbroken Grandad must of been to have lost his "girlfriend Lou" as he used to affectionately call her.

He was the one left behind, to remember all the days gone by, to remember how it used to be....

So this morning after checking on my Baby Dove, Embee Louise and I went for a drive to Redcliffe, which is about 15mins from my house. Now Redcliffe and I go back a long way..... I even have a scar on my left knee where I had to have 17 stitches when I was around 9yo, after ripping my leg open on some rocks when I was fishing with my Grandad. (I'd show you my scar but I haven't shaved my legs hehehe).

So back to the fishing story.... I got a bite and somehow slipped into the water and as I was trying to climb out I ripped my knee open on the volcanic rock that was there. Fun hey! and Grandad got into soooo much trouble when he took me back home to Mum and Nana hehehe. Poor kid :(

We had a nice little walk and enjoyed the amazing scenery.

Of course Embee had fun too! :)

Then when we came home as I was walking up to the front door I looked up to where the Dove's nest is, outside my bedroom window and I saw a Dove perched on the side of the awning. I thought either the mother bird had come back or the other Dove had returned. So when I got inside I went into my bedroom to check and guess what?

No Doves at all........... :(

So it was either the Dove that was left behind about to fly off orrrrrrrrr maybe even the Mother Dove coming back to find both kids had flown the coop!.

So Groover's I was a little sad this morning but this my friends is The Circle of life. You do that you can to look after them, to bring them up correctly and then one day it's time to let them go out into the world and fend for themselves.

And then there is me and my story. Did you know that there are only three more sleeps until I too have to say Goodbye to Baby Jake. Mind you I know he isn't going away forever, but he is leaving MY nest.

Gee that Bloody Circle of Life can suck sometimes..... LOL

The rest of the day involved some napping, sitting in the sun in the spa anddddd another nap! ahhhh it's tough isn't it these public holidays they make us have!!

Tonight I made some of my fave - chicken, corn and mushroom crepes. Yum!

And in a moment I am going to go have another spa and look out at the sky!

And kids is where I shall leave you tonight!

Me xxx


Mandy Thomas-Wilson said...

Now that we are down to just the one child, we totally appreciate the "leaving the nest" & I'm sure that it won't be long before the day arrives when we come back home to just a few remaining feathers as she too will have flown the coop! The circle of life brings back new generations & all those untold memories that you yourself Miss Karen so aptly journal...it is how it should be & always will. Hugging you plenty xxx

The Morley Report said...

Thanks Mandy! It's a tough gig being a Parent isn't it. But I am trying to be brave and so far am "winning" as Charlie Sheen would say hehehe. xxx

Karen Farley said...

I need your crepe recipe that looks yum!

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