21 December, 2011

Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays are nearly here! Can you smell them....

It's a double edged sword for me because on one hand I get 12 1/2 days off work! And in that time I am going to Hamilton Island in The Whitsunday's for New Years Eve. Buttttttttttt by wishing my days away to be able to go away that means my last few days with Baby Jake are flying by very fast!

Mind you sometimes lately I find myself saying: So when do you LEAVE AGAIN JAKE? hehehe Kids!!!

Ahhhh just counting down them days Groover's! But then again I am sure I am not alone and that we all are!

Yesterday Christmas came early for one little boy!

I am pretty certain he was on Santa's good boy list! And Santa knew just what to get him: 96% fat free Schmackos! As you do....

At Morley Manor these are affectionately known as Embee Louise's Cigars!

Seamus Poo Poo loves them! :)

And our little baby doves are growing stronger each and every day too! Look how big they are getting!

I am sure going to miss them when they fly the nest as I like to check on them when I get up in the morning. Their mum has done a really good job in looking after them and it sure has been a delight to watch it all unfold just outside my bedroom window!

Maybe the mother dove and I might hit the clubs once her chicks and my Baby Jake all leave the nest! We might go find us some HOT DUDES! hehehe.

So today I went to lunch with my friend Andrew from work. He is really not feeling the best at the moment, so I hope he gets better soon... and NO it wasn't my company.... Honest! :)

There is def something about this time of year that makes us catch up with friends sometimes family, that we haven't seen in a very long time!

Tonight I had dinner with my lovely SEXY friend Al!

We go back a longggggggg way and whilst I am old enough to be her mother somehow we have this amazing friendship. We used to joke that we both meet each other in the middle. I'm 45, Al is now 22.... you do the math! But I do treasure our friendship and am so glad I leant forward all those years ago at a Michael Buble concert to ask this "stranger" a question :)

Here are some pics that show's you our wacky friendship! :)

Or my personal faves

I love to hear her stories and tonight she shared with me her "Work Xmas Party" story! OMG HILARIOUS! Way too much to share here but as she said one of her friends described it to a T! with one word. That word is: Tragic! hehehe.

It was one of those nights where you go away to the Gold Coast, too many people staying in the one room, half the work party ends up in your room somehow, things get drunken, eaten, stolen (as a joke), someone throws up in your bathroom and then at the end of the night you try to go out to a club but everything goes wrong!

My god it brought back memories. Haven't we all been there, done that. And that's when you learn to either get your own room, or just share with someone else anddddd know when to call a night a night! We've all gone out cause we are having a great time and then find it all fizzles out and we shoulda just gone home AFTER THE FUNCTION!!

Have a great time overseas Al and see you at the end of February.... when the next chapter in your life begins! I am very proud of you :)

Mum is enjoying her stay with us too!

Funny Mum Story: So one of the guys asked me at work "so what happens if you want to bring someone home and your Mum is there?" I said it wouldn't be a problem as she is pretty easy going.. so that night when I got home from work and Jake, Mum and I sat down to dinner I brought up the subject. Her response was this "I think it would be lovely if you brought someone home. Maybe (and she then winked) they might have a friend to bring home for me!". Jake then said "Ewwwwwwwwwwwww" and we all laughed!

I said to Jake imagine that: Mum gets action, Funny Nana (as we call her) wins on, even Embee Louise wins on and you get NOTHING! hahaha.

But have to say it's nice to be able to sit down and have a laugh as a family. That is one thing we always did as a family (along with my Grandparents) is laugh A LOT!!!

Laughter really does make the world go round doesn't it! :)


Me xxx


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