13 December, 2011

We should be living in the 80'sssssss

So today was a strange day. Actually yesterday was a bit too…. And I’m not talking Jake’s drug induced coma!! (Due to his sore wisdom tooth)

And do you know who or what the culprit was?

80’s Music!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep who would have thought it possible! You see all of yesterday and thank god only half of today the digital radio at work was tuned into a station that only played 1980’s songs.

Remember these little beauties:


Boy George
The song - Key Largo
Kenny Loggins - Original Footloose
Moving Pictures
Irene Cara – Flashdance

Lionel Ritchie – All Night Long
Cyndi Lauper

George Michael

Pseudo Echo
Rick Astley

She’s like the wind – Patrick Swayze
I’ve had the time of my life – Dirty Dancing
The Bangles

Now I could go onnnnnn and onnnnnn but I wouldn't do that to you. Not this time! LOL

Oh and check out this Hot Stud!

Somethings doooo get better with age! LOL

Now I loveeeeeeeeeeee 80’s music and love to hear it but for some sad reason (I’m gonna say hormonal) it made me a bit melancholic!

It’s funny how a certain song can just take you back to a time, a place. Even to something or someone that you haven’t thought about for quite some time. It makes you also think of the ones that got away and ask yourself: Why did I pick HIM!!!

A lot of the music I heard yesterday I had on the good old single or 45, remember those? ☺ And how can it be that you can’t remember what you did yesterday butttttttttt you hear one of those songs and YOU KNOW ALL THE WORDS... Crazy times!

Maybe I can blame my friend Barb for writing that Morley Report the other day all about Madonna. Maybe it was like a vortex and it’s brought back the 80’s into my life. Well that and also the other fantastic weekend in Sydney the other weekend and dancing to 80’s songs in a nightclub!!

Perfume is another thing that can take me back to a special moment or place in my life. Every time I go on a holiday I like to try and have a new perfume. Mind you recently that would mean I would have lots of perfume and I don’t! Just before any of kids give me grief on it hehehe.

Maybe it’s also because those songs, those 80’s songs remind me of a time and place in my life when life itself just seemed much simpler. I guess as we get older, more stress, more responsibilities play on our minds. Kids, partners, aging parents... Oh the list could go on couldn’t it! Hehehe.

I was telling one of the guys today how because my birthday is in November a lot of my friends had their driver’s lic at 17 years old, wayyyyyyy before me. And one friend had a Datsun 120Y. We used to go everywhere in that little car. I can even remember one time driving down the coast and going around the corner and her whole gear stick came out in her hand!! LOL

And so some weekends we would drive up to Bribie Island (about half an hour from me now in Brisbane) go to the surf side, sit on the beach in the sun and then afterwards go to the local Pub and have a counter meal and a good old Rum & Coke (I was underage back then, but hey wasn’t everyone?) in the Beer Garden out the back. One of my fave meals back then was the good old Ham Steak and Pineapple, chips and salad…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Groover’s the good old days!

And as the saying goes “Youth is wasted on the young” because at the time we have no idea how lucky we are, how good we actually have it.

And to my younger friends I say to you: You have your whole life ahead of you. How very exciting! Hey not that I am dead and buried mind you. And as my Grandad would say (remember he was 91) you are just a baby in diapers! ☺

So there are two lessons to be learnt from this post Groover’s:

1. Make the most of it, right now, no matter how old, how tired, how poor, how sad you are. You only have that one life to live SO LIVE IT BIG.


2. Don’t play 80’s music when you are hormonal.


Me xxx


Barbara said...

great post karen. I totally agree - some songs can take you back to a certain place with certain people. There are different types of Impulse deodorants that can take me straight back to high school!!haha I had a diary each year at high school that all my friends used to sign their names in etc and I reckon i had all those photos from tonights blog in. I loved bananarama, george michael etc. oh what a decade!

aus.keeys said...

I find it interesting how stuck in the 80's people get!!

Brent said...

Those were the days, yep, I am still there,, or wished I was, all the great things I miss.
Goint to the movies for under $5, includes INTERVAL,, ahhh, interval.
Drinking all day at the beach, then driving home O: then going to the nightclub all night then work Monday.
Things never seemed to be rushed, never had a/c, didn't need it, didn't worry about sunburn and cream, All there was, was heavy beer, not 14 varieties like now. Even Betamax vcr's!
We even had Bob Hawke, the aussie cricket team that had drinking competitions, Boonie drank 50 cans on his way to England, the americas cup,, the list goes on and on and on.
We didn't care about racism and refugees because we weren't (and still aren't racists)just because someone says we are.
What is there now??? rush rush rush, and everything costs a fortune.
Where will it end...................

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