12 December, 2011

The getting of Morley Wisdom....

So yesterday morning Baby Jake Morley woke up with a sore gum and couldn’t really close his mouth. I would kinda call it similar to Man Flu but mmm let us call it:


He could barely talk... I actually thought he might have been going for an Academy Award performance!

You see when he was younger and was sick or had hurt himself and would cry, I would say out loud:

And the nomineeeeeeeeeeeeee’s for Lead Actor in the movie “OMG I’ve hurt my leg!!” are Jake Samuel Morley and the WINNER ISSSSSSSSSSS It's Jake Samuel MORLEY!!!”. Hehehe Used to drive Jake insane... what a shame!

So I’m afraid that lead actor is back in town at the moment performing an encore.

Yesterday he thought he would put the pain aside for just a bit and so we went out to breakfast where we met this little fella!

And his friend - Big Daddy! Notice his ripped lip!

And then poor Jake tried to chew his breakfast food, but had no luck! Damn that Man Ache!

On the way to breakfast he bought a frozen coke to try and soothe the ache and when we arrived at the restaurant I took a little pic of the tooth. Check this out, I like to call it Blue Tongue Jake!

Notice the little bit of blood, poor bubus Jake ☹

And then Groover’s YET ANOTHER Morley Miracle happened: Jake went to the Chemist and bought pain killers!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this NEVER happens! I thought to myself OMG he must really be sick!

So lucky for Ashlee, Embee and me - Baby Jake went to visit his Morley Grandparents and his dad and stayed overnight last night! Yayyyyy :) I'm such a good mother hehehe.

And today Groover's Jake took himself off to the Dentist, got antibiotics and some good quality pain killers and will have to go get an x-ray (when he isn't off his face on drugs!). But looks like his three wisdom teeth are ok it's more the one that hurts. So an x-ray will give a clearer picture if there is enough room for it to come through.

This afternoon wen I came home from work he is off his face, LAYING ON MY BED! watching Stargate on his laptop, air con going and ceiling fan going full bore!

And I think he might have also caught my head cold. I just asked him if he still has an earache and he said "What?" and I repeated it and his answer: Probably! You see druggo's can never tell these things! LOL

I always laugh because it doesn't matter hold old they get, when they are really sick they need their Mum, because Groover's let's face it - Man Ache is life threatening. NEVER FORGET THIS!

All I can say now is "Wish me Luck" so that I survive the night.

May the Force be with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Me xxx

Sitting next to Jake on my bed typing this - he is soooo off his face and laughing at not funny stuff and talking and singing out to himself - AND LAUGHING..... OMG! Helpppppppppppp I just heard him Moo like a Cow! And he has started to hum Christmas Carols...


Laine said...

That's just hilarious!!! Not the part where he's in pain, but the mooing and laughing bit LOL! Poor baby Jake :( Reminds me of his birthday hehehe! Hope he gets better soon. xxx

P.S. let me know the name of the drugs he's on...think I need to get me some :D

Mandy Thomas-Wilson said...

Awww...poor Baby Jake! But mooovin' along...I'll have what he's having! ;)

aus.keeys said...

Can we have Jake do a guest spot on the Morley report while he's off his face?? Would make an interesting read!!

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