10 December, 2011

Weekends do not count, unless....

YOU spend them doing something completely pointless!!

Well it's the weekend. Thank the Lord!

Embee came to work with me yesterday. She was very very tired last night cause you know it's hard when you are a working girl!

She loves hanging out with Seamus and for some reason they love to play under my feet, under my desk. But they sure make me smile :)

But you know what? I think Em's most favourite part of the day is when we are going home. You see where I park my car is against the fence that keeps all the cattle in and Embee lovessssss to run up and down the fence to say Hi! to her friends.

And yesterday she was sooo funny because she was trying to play with them. She was running up and down, not really barking much but when the cattle started to come over to check her out she started to run in circles to say "heyyyyy look at me, let's play!". Soooo cute :)

Check out these pics:

And last night I had a wonderful night catching up with my friend Sandra. Buttttt there was just one hitch - I accidentally knocked over my drink, broke my glass and cut my hand! I know I'm a goose!! Check out this sexy band-aid! All the cook kids are wearing them you know :)

And today I spent the morning with the lovely guys at Dextress Hair. They are so friendly and I always come away from my time there feeling wonderful! Thanks Guys :)

And this afternoon there was mmm maybe what I would call "A Morley Miracle"! You see I could hear a lawn mower and I said to myself "self, imagine if that was Jake mowing our Jungle!" but then I thought nahhh it couldn't be. And as I went to walk downstairs I could hear it through the windows and I thought it was next door. So you could imagine my surprise to find out THAT IT REALLY WAS BABY JAKE! I tell you it brought a tear to my eye.....

And so this brings me to tonight.

Ahhhh this time last week it was a completely different story Groover's - Big Night on the Town in Sydney with great friends, with a few drinks complete with fantastic dance moves! LOL :)

Tonight well it's a completely different story! It's just me and Embee sitting on the lounge watching some girlie Christmas movies on Foxtel that I have taped, cause we're pretty hip and happening here at Morley Manor!!!

Sometimes it's nice to have a quiet night in, sit, relax and breath!

What are you guys up to on this fine Saturday night?

Me xxx


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