23 December, 2011

Parent's that are Grand!

Hi everyone my name is Ashlee AKA Ash, Smash, Asmo and some of you also may know me as “The Banshee” ha ha!! Anyways... I use to live with Karen, Jake & little Embee so you probably have heard my name in couple of blogs!

So let’s get to the story!!! I know that Karen grew up with her Grandparents and was very close to them. I myself grew up with my grandparents also so I decided to dedicate this to all Grandparents!

I recently had my Great Grandmother pass away at the age of 95! (Yes my friends she was born in 1916!!). Of course it is a sad time when a grandparent (not to mention a great grandparent) passes away unexpectedly but I can definitely say she lived a healthy and active lifestyle.

She was born 5 February 1916 in Maitland, York Peninsula, South Australia. My Great Grandmother was one of five and she being the only girl. Most school days she would travel 11 miles with her brothers to school by horse and Sulky. On odd occasions they would all have to walk this so they were relieved when a school was built closer and they only had to travel 7 miles to school ha ha!

As I had said before she lived an active lifestyle and was a great athlete taking interest in most sports. As a teenager she was picked to play Tennis in Country Week (this was a big thing back then almost equivalent to the Olympics) in Adelaide several times and continued to play tennis until her early 70’s!

This is my Great Grandmother at her 95th birthday

In 1935 she married my Great Grandfather and began to start a family. They had seven children (my grandmother being one) and earned their living from fruit growing and were known as “blockies”.

Then due to the River Murray drying up they decided in 1952 to move to NSW (New South Wales) where they purchased a Poultry farm that my Great Grandmother and her Seven children tended to whilst my Great Grandfather worked as a Boiler Maker/Laborer.

In those days eggs could not be sold directly to the supermarkets and had to be sent to an Egg board and three years later the egg board closed down so my Great Grandparents had to also close down their Poultry Farm. After this My Great Grandmother then spent her time caring for her husband and children.

I believe that my Great Grandmother lead an amazing life (although she had to face seeing three of her children and her husband passing away), she was person who attended church every Sunday and up until the age of 95 still cooked, crocheted, had a veggie garden and even had her driver's license! All and all I would say she was a strong willed, determined, respected and loving lady.

At her Service I stood up along with my little cousin Jessica who is 9 and she gave this speech:

“Grandmas was a generous and kind person. She loved to knit slippers, coat hangers and bears.

Grandma also loved to grow vegetables, flowers and roses.

Grandma will be in our memory and hearts forever!

We know Grandma is up there now watching all of us. Love from all and RIP.”

After this lovely speech she had one of the elderly ladies from the church come up to her and say “when I pass away I hope my grandchildren and great grandchildren say as nicer things as you did about your Great Grandmother, it was lovely.”

As I walked out of her house just the other day I looked up at plaque in the kitchen that read “Plant a seed and harvest Love” that was definitely her to a tee!

I will miss your hugs and kisses Great Grandma

Rest in peace xoxox

This my Great Grandmother, My little brother Will, My Dad, My Grandmother and I at my Great Grandmother’s 95th Birthday!

To everyone out there: Give as much time as you can to your grandparents and cherish them. Because I believe that’s what they are “Parents that are Grand!”.

Many Thanks!!


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