04 December, 2011

A Note from Karen's Mother...

Dear Groover's,

This note is to excuse Karen from writing the last three night's Morley Report.

You see she has been a busy little Morley and has been doing a bit of this:

then this....

and thennnnnnn this!

some of this

and wayyyyyy too much of this!!!!

and I know for a fact that she loved THIS!

And she was very naughty by NOT HAVING ENOUGH OF THIS!!

I promise you she will be back tomorrow night with many "new stories" from her very big adventure.


Karen's Mother :)


Anonymous said...

super cop-out!

Brent said...


The Morley Report said...

You kids are mean :(
I'm olddddddd and I was hungover.... you should feel sorry for me! hehehe

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