14 December, 2011

I become a Nana and take on the BBC!

Well this morning Groover’s I became a Nana! ☺

Here’s a pic:

And nooooooooooo I’m not the Nana of a few leaves and branches LOL. You see my Mumma bird outside my window now has two little babies! And I did try my very best to get them in the shot but they kinda blend in with the nest, sorry. But believe me when I say there are two little babies.

They kinda look like this:

What a good Mumma she is. She has been sitting out there for the last couple of weeks keeping them all warm and toasty, during storms, rain and hot sweltering days. A mother’s job is never an easy one is it.

And because we all know that I am such an animal lover and sook I was worried this morning because Mumma Bird hadn’t come back to her nest before I left for work!! ☹

Now I guess she is entitled to go off and stretch her wings, catch some sun, eat, go to the toilet etc. butttttttttttt I just wanna make sure she comes back to her babies!! And Jake was specifically told to text me when she came back. No Text buttttt Groover's tonight when I got home from work she was there looking after her kids, just like all good mumma's do!

And let me tell you it was all happening this morning at our house. Now look closely at this pic:

Yes it’s Embee Louise, buttttttttt take a look in the toilet. Don’t be shy! Can you see what I am talking about?

Yep it’s Brenton the rabbit. I think he might have had a big night out. Might have been a Xmas Party not sure… but he ended up in the toilet!!! He sure gets around that kid, some nights he sleeps with Embee and me, and then other mornings we find him here!

And if you look really close you can see he even has a hair band on around his ears. Now I know I didn’t put that on him! I don’t have enough hair for a hair band! Hehehe So I def think he went to a Xmas Party last night!

And today was Ashlee’s last day at work. You see she has decided to move back home to Sydney and tonight Jake is dropping her off to the airport.

Now Ashlee joins a very elite group of people that have been brave, strong and some may say stupid... to have lived with the Morley gang!!!!

It sure has been interesting having Ashlee live with us. It was kinda like having two kids but somehow I only remember having given birth to ONE BIG HEAD!

And only last night at dinner we were we talking about how I really wanted twins when I was pregnant with Jake. Can you even imagine two of HIM! We then said imagine twin boys… twin Jake’s, I said Jake would be the evil one and the other twin would be the good one. I asked Jake “so what would the other one be called?” and you know what his reply was “George. George Glass.” So this means my other son would have been called George “Glass” Morley! Sad isn’t it our Morley humour hehehe.

We went out to lunch today, Ashlee and I and had an amazing steak!

And here is a pic of Ashlee and I

And shhhhhhh don't tell Jake but Embee got half when I got home tonight as I couldn't eat it all!

And when we returned back to work there were presents waiting for Ashlee!

Ohhhh and let me share this little bit of info with you kids!

Soooo the other day on Foxtel, on the On Demand section where each week the put up special show’s to check out there was one called...

BABY JAKE! And I quote (from Wikipedia):

Baby Jake is a BBC children's television program broadcast in the UK and first aired on 27 June 2011. The program features Jake, a 10-month old baby. Jake is the youngest of ten children all living in a Windmill with their parents. Each episode features Jake embarking on an adventure with a host of magical characters including Pengy Quin (a penguin), the Hamsternauts, Nibbles the Rabbit and Sydney the Monkey.

The show features a child narrator and all ten children are depicted in real life, although Baby Jake is given a multi-angle photographic face on an animated body. Jake's babbling is translated by his 5-year old brother Isaac. Isaac is voiced by a real-life 5-year-old boy, in a move described by the Guardian as "a risk" since the majority of successful children's television is narrated by adults.

The program cost £1.85m to produce, half of which was funded by CBeebies with the rest hoped to be recouped from selling the program abroad. Darrall Macqueen Ltd produced the series, and Maddy Darrall was quoted by the Metro as gaining inspiration for the show from watching her 7-year-old nephew understanding her 1-year-old son.

Now Groover’s I don’t know about YOU but if you ask me, and you should... I think they have def copied all of this from us Morley’s and Morley Manor. I mean come onnnn we live in a house (windmill), we have magical characters like Embee Louise, Brenton the Rabbit, Mumma Bird, the Rabbit with the one arm (Embee ripped off the other one) and that hot dog toy she loves sooo much! And we alllll know that our Baby Jake babbles lots of crap! Hehehe.

And we don’t cost £1.85m to produce! Maybe $50 LOL and that’s on a bad day ☺

I def think we need to look into this a bit further and maybe take some type of Legal Action. What do you guys think? I mean you know us better than anyone... Hehehe. Lucky YOU!

Well kids it's time to go. Time for us to say good bye to Ashlee and wish her all the best for her travels tonight and her future back home in Sydney!

See yaaaaaaa

Me xxx


Laine said...

Yep I think you're right - pure plagiarism - sue their butts off! lol! I heard about the show the other day and immediately thought...omg they're doing a live feed from Morley Manor..! P.S. Congratulations on becoming a Nana!!!!

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