26 December, 2011

Boxing Day Nothings....

Well what a glorious day we had today here in Brisbane! It's funny isn't it how just seeing a blue sky can put a smile on your face :)

We started our day here at Morley Manor with a nice sleep in, followed by a scrumptious Bacon & Egg breakfast. How great is it when you don't have to be anywhere by any particular time!!

Now here in Australia we had our Boxing Day Sales on, but Groover's I am sooo not a big shopper. Prob goes back to all the years of having NO MONEY! Soooo why look when you can't afford to buy. That's my motto....

And to be honest I couldn't think of anything worse than to be out and about in the crowds at a sale! Boring I know... but hey that's ME!

Jake took Mum home for me today (thanks Baby Jake) and then he went up the coast for a couple of days to see my ex husbands, ex wife No. 2 and her family for Xmas and to fill them in on the big news of his new job at Ayers Rock.

Sooooo you know what that means Groover's don't ya.... YEP! I have the house all to myself. Geez it's been a while but OMG how I love it.

I had a spa tonight and watched the sky turn from later afternoon into night. Saw the first star, watched the bats fly over and thought of The Hendra Virus! cause I'm romantic like that hehehe.

It's so nice to have peace and quiet. No TV, no other people. And to just sit there in the spa and hear nature. I love it.... And I'm gonna have me another spa later tonight just before I go to bed :)

And right now I have candles burning, air con on and I am feeling very relaxed.

Imagine if I could bottle this feeling and sell it! I'd def be a billionaire or close to it :) Okkkkk I might make fifty bucks but come on... FIFTY DOLLARS - I ain't gonna say no to that hehehe.

So that was the day that was. Not much to report back on but hey do you see me complaining!

Sooooooo how was your Boxing Day?

Me xxx


aus.keeys said...

skinny dipping are we??

The Morley Report said...

How did you knowwwwwwwww? ;)

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