16 December, 2011

Morley Road Trip...

Ok so yesterday The Morley’s (all three of us + Louise) took a Road Trip!

You see we had to take Ashlee’s car over to the Southside of Brisbane to a Trucking company as she had organised for it to be taken back down to her in Sydney via a truck!

Now Groover’s it has always intrigued me on how living in Brisbane – you are either a Northsider or a Southsider!

Why is this do you think?

I myself grew up in Paddington, which is an inner city suburb of Brisbane. Soooo if you wanted to get technical (and we sure know that I am no way technical) some may say it’s not a Northside suburb, but in my mind and heart I am def a Northsider through and through.

Of course there was that one time at band camp... Ohhh but that’s another blog hehehe.

Nahhh I was going to say, before I rudely interrupted myself, that yes once when I was younger I did in fact live on the Southside and truth be known, in my days as a boomerang, which means when I was young I would move out, get broke, move back into home, then move out again. I did live over on the Southside a few times.

But Groover’s the way I like to explain it is this: once I drive over the Gateway Bridge and hit that Northside road it feels like I can breathe again.... True Story!

So let us just say that yesterday’s Morley Road Trip was interesting to say the least. We saw many sights, made many jokes, Embee and I closed our eyes for a bit, Louise made a pit stop and Jake WAS ALWAYS RIGHT! (well in his mind...)

So when we got back home and OMG did that moment feel fine, driving into our driveway... we had our takeaway food and all had an early night, as all good Morley’s do this time of year.

So that was our Road Trip Adventure yesterday and there was no Brad Pitt to be seen anywhere... although – Louise and I did spot a hot jogger :)

See there is always an upside to things hehehe.


Me xxx


Brent said...

It's like that in Rockhampton,, you are either a north or south sider.
I am starting to think you have had a lot of band camp days???

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