01 December, 2011

GUEST POST: Blog your life away

Hey Groovers,

From time to time over the next few weeks I am going to be having "Guest Bloggers" writing blogs for us.

I think it's always interesting to hear what other people are thinking.

So tonight the lovely Deb has written us a post all about the world of Blogging and I just wanted to give her a BIG MORLEY Thank You!!!

Take it away Deb.....

Blogging, it’s been around quite a while now and I have to say that it’s taken a while for me to get into it.

After all how strange that someone would want to talk about their lives and share every intimate detail and even stranger that anyone other than close family members would be interested.

But then The Morley Report was born to a strange friend called Karen, ok I only thought she was strange because she wanted to blog, no ok sometimes she is just strange....(see below) ☺

Well Ms Morley is a walking talking “I remember when.....” sorta gal who has had quite a life full of good and bad memories, but certainly great memories about her Grandad, I don’t believe I have ever gone a day without a “Grandad would of said....... “, it’s nice that some people are able to have a beautiful bond with a family member where simple little things can remind them of the good times. I don’t have a family like that so it’s quite a bizarre concept for me.

So back to the concept of blogging, it really has turned into the new mini short stories of the new age. People across the world are reading more blogs than books, and you can become famous for just being yourself (I can just see Karen becoming the new Kim Kardashian). Our Ms Karen is getting readers now from all over the world, which I might say she is very proud of, HELLO to Karen’s readers in the USA and Russia today ☺

I can confess that I am now a little obsessed with my daily dose of The Morley Report and I can get very impatient and start texting Karen to hurry up and post if it’s getting too late. On those times she is busy living life so she can entertain us, I will let her off the hook for an extra couple of hours. (I know I am so good to her) And lately I have been the reason she has been late (sorry about that), as I am newly disabled for the next 8 or so weeks and without the amazing friendship of Karen and the Morley Manor Clan I would of truly been in trouble. (however as she is leaving I remind her that she only lives 10 minutes away and I would appreciate if she could rush home and write The Morley Report and have it up in 30 minutes, it helps with my medication ☺)

So I can tell you lots goes into all this blogging caper and it’s almost like a full time job with serious responsibilities to keep the blog pumping. But I can tell you that I know the system now and I can’t have a crisis until after 7pm, so that Karen has time to put YOU the reader of The Morley Report first, it brings her so much joy each day to press post, and then watch the numbers of people around the world click onto the blog. Don’t forget to say hi, hello, how are ya to Karen as you read her blog I know it will make her day.

Well I am now officially a blogger, so I can’t pick on bloggers any more (bugger) ☺

Have a great day

The End



Anonymous said...

Well that was fun, might do it again one day :)

The Morley Report said...

Anytime my dear, anytime! xxx

Elaine said...

well blogged Deb!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Russia !

Najata x

The Morley Report said...

Hey Najata,

How great to hear from you!! Hope you enjoy reading my stories!


Karen xxx

e cigarette reviews said...

I really like the attitude of your blog were in it looks like a kids scrap book with all this simple kid penmanship and colors.

The Morley Report said...

Hey thanks for the comment! Glad you are enjoying the Blog :)

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