07 December, 2011

The Morley Report Anonymous

Well Groover's tonight we have another blog from my mate Deb. I'm a bit under the weather tonight.... and here I was thinking it was Sydney and that I was too old to partay! hehehe.

I think it's more of a head cold (thank the LORD it isn't Man Flu!). So a big shout out to Deb for coming to my rescue! Thank my dear xxx And enjoy the read kids!

Take it away Deb....

Do you have any obsessions?? In my work I have found more and more people obsesses with social media.

OK I can personally confess that I need some serious help.

I have my BlackBerry no further than 1 metre away from me at any time, and I have a different ring to let me know if a call is coming in SMS/Facebook Message/Twitter/Photo and then a different ring for every email address. Gosh I am techno savvy.

Then I have my computer on 24/7 which has lead to my obsession with Facebook and emails, prior to breaking my foot and now only have 4 walls to look at, I would answer a business email, txt, facebook message within seconds.. Again clearly I need help.

So being in the Media and Social Media game, I of course have to be on top of ever major internet social media sensation, so let me tell you just what the primary sensations all mean:

And then if that isn’t enough for you, don’t forget to get into all of these :

And then there is my little obsession with that nasty little blog THE MORLEY REPORT.

Well I can’t live without it, and needless to say I was NOT impressed with this weekend MS MORLEY !! Oh Ms Morley needs to go off and have a wonderful time in Sydney. Well while the rest of us go 3 days without a report.

So I have decided to start The Morley Report Anonymous for all those people that go into severe depression if TMR isn’t out by 9pm, as I lay awake waiting for my special ding to tell me it’s posted.

We can all meet on The Morley Report Facebook page and talk about our hero Karen, talk about the blogs we have loved, and perhaps even bombard past blogs and leave messages for Karen as little treasures so that she is empowered to keep writing, otherwise the world may just come to an end. ☺

OK now that I have that out, feel free to contact me via my facebook page “The Butterfly Experience Media & PR” page and keep all my obsessions going, as I do love them.

Have a great day/night/weekend depending on when you read this.



The Butterfly Experience

(Karen’s official Number 1 fan) What a suck !!!


Anonymous said...

Happy to come to your rescue Ms Morley, hope you don't lose your readership LOL I can try but I can never be Ms Morley :)


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