29 December, 2011

The Last Morley Supper....

Let us start our blog tonight with a little pic of my Dove Parents!

I am wondering if they might get a little frisky and give me more babies? Time will tell I guess.

So speaking of Babies.... today Baby Jake and I went out for lunch. Now it was my choice and the food wasn't the best but hey we gave the "romantic lunch" a shot!

Here are some pics of the average food!

Then we decided... okkkkkkkk I DECIDED to go to another cafe for dessert! How we managed these I do not know...

Of course part of our "Last Morley Supper" involved having Jake have a photo with me. Not an easy feat Groover's as you can see below:

But in the end a mother ALWAYS gets her way :)

We then bid each other a farewell as I had to catch up with some friends andddddddd Jake had "secret mans business" to attend to! Shhhhh don't tell anyone....

So then I drove over to see my friend Heather and Age! Now I haven't seen Age for ages (if you pardon the pun). Prob around 2 years I think as she has moved down south so it sure was great to catch up! We always love to have good chats :)

And so there was a small group of us kids all at Heather's, enjoying Age's Mediterranean Salad and BBQ :)

Of course my blog would not be complete without sharing with you the love of a mum and her two kids.

Heather & Lucy

Heather & Hugo

Anddddddd then I made everyone, yesssssss even you FIONA! model for a group pic.

Followed by my personal fave - The Awkward Family Portrait Shot!

These kids have it down pat and they weren't even trying! hehehe

Ok my Groover's, it's time for me to at least get my suitcase out of my wardrobe, maybe put it on my bed and stare at it for mmmm say 15mins and then take it down off my bed and say to myself: Self, you can do that in the morning! hehehe

I am soooooo naughty!


Me xxx

So I am sitting in my bed typing and thinking HOLY MOLY I am cold tonight with my air con. Thennnnnnnn I check the temp 18 degrees with max fans on. No wonder my Hoo Hah is frozen. When do you leave again Jake??? (cause I know I didn't have it that cold...........)


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all those dessert foods are making me crave LOL!

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