19 December, 2011

Smelling the Morley Roses

Groover’s some days isn’t it nice to just sit back and smell the roses :)

Sometimes life goes just by sooo very damn fast that we can forget how far in fact we have really come. Recently I have been reflecting (as you do sometimes at this time of year...) on just how far I have come since this time last year.

And as the song goes:

So this is Christmas and what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun!

You know I used to get sad sometimes when I would hear or sing this song at the end of the year, but this year is very different. I feel like I am in a really good place in my life right now. Gotta be happy with that!! :)

They do say that time heals all things but I guess when you are dead smack in the middle of it all, it’s really quite hard to believe. Buttttt they were right! (those people whoever they are??) Life moves on, people keep breathing, working, living and laughing and sometimes you just have to decide to jump back in there!

I know how lucky I have been to have such wonderful caring friends, who’s little words of encouragement whether it be in person, via text or even Facebook comments have been a pillar of strength to me, so thank you Groover’s, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Soooo the last few days have been pretty full on with Xmas parties, catch up’s with friends and even attending a belated Birthday Dinner for me!

As I have said previously, at this time of year we are all pooped! Exhausted and I think just hanging on for the break over Xmas.

Friday night I was taken out to dinner by my lovely neighbour Narelle for a “belated birthday celebration” as I had been away gallivanting on a holiday :) (I knowwwwwwwwww something different hehehe)

I always love to catch up with Narelle, we have great chats about all things and she seems to always surprise me with a little gift when I least expect it! It sure is wonderful isn’t it when we find ourselves with such nice neighbours!!

Saturday morning was all about “a good sleep in” and boy did I need it! Hard def to get motivated though to get out and get ready for the next round of entertaining... Buttttttttt I finally did get a move on and next stop was a BBQ lunch and Barefoot Bowls at The Merthyr Bowls Club which runs along the Brisbane River.

Now when we booked it way back when; I was always a bit worried that at this time of year it would be sweltering hot but Groover’s we were very lucky indeedy! The weather was amazing, lovely breeze off the Brisbane River and the food was amazing :) The boys made me laugh at how much they are all so competitive when it came to actually playing bowls!!! But we had a great time.

And one thing that was interesting is that we did ask how the Brisbane Floods earlier this year affected them being that they are so close to the river. And the guy did explain, but here is a pic that really answers our question!

Saturday night was spent in a daze…. No not the alcohol type! Just in an old foegie kinda haze! Which in Morley terms means: Embee and I on the lounge chillin! Hehehe Butttttttt we did have some company, I cannot lie to you. You see Michael Buble came over, as he normally does sometimes. Was a pleasant surprise to see him, as always.

Sunday morning arrived and it was time to meet Elaine & Heather (who I have not seen for a very very long time) for a little Xmas celebration breakfast on the deck of a wonderful little place that I have only just discovered! I had a really nice time just catching up.

And after breakfast it was time to go collect my Mum from her retirement village to come spend the week before Xmas with us. And little did she know that we had HUGE MORLEY NEWS...

I filled her in on Jake’s new job in Ayers Rock anddddddddd then both Jake and I asked her if she would like to move in with us for around six months whilst Jake is away, more on a temporary basis as we have been wanting to move her closer to us in a retirement village just around the corner from our house. So this way we can put her on the waiting list and she can live in Jake’s house as such until her name comes up on the list.

So big big changes all round one would say. I told you the other week that I could smell change in the air LOL. And you thought I was smelling something else hehehe.

But I think it will be nice to have family stay with me when Jake leaves...

And speaking of family, today I received a very special phone call from my friend Trevor who I haven’t spoken to for (we think) for approx. 10 years. Now Trevor and I go wayyyyyyyyyyyy back, way back. And I cannot begin to tell you how great it was to hear his voice. What a wonderful wonderful Christmas present Groover’s. It def put a very HUGE SMILE on this kids face :)

Sometimes, of course I guess depending on the person, it is great to reconnect with people from the past. I met Trevor when I was prob around 19yo, we have quite a lot of history and it sure is funny when you talk to someone that knew you back then, it transports you back in time and makes you feel 19 all over again. So gotta love that!

And last night I was chatting to a friend of mine from high school, Margaret who was singing my praises with my Morley Report. I never really know quite what to say, but of course I say thank you and take it on board as we should always do this when someone pays you a complement, but again sometimes it’s just nice when people tell you that they really enjoy your writing and writing style, so thank you Margaret. It sure meant a lot to me!

So tonight I arrived home to this:

A HUGE thank you to Dad and Lorraine for this really lovely Christmas Present to Jake and I!

Well so there you go Groovers, that brings us all up to date! Hope the last few days brought you a few smiles as it has done to me!


Me xxx


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