20 December, 2011

A Very Morley Christmas.....

Last Saturday night here in Australia, Michael Buble's first ever Christmas special was shown on television "A Michael Buble Christmas".

Now for us here in Brisbane Channel 7 decided to put this "family special" on at 10.30pm at night. Where in Sydney it was shown at 7pm, which is def a more suitable time.

Sometimes you have to wonder how these television stations come up with their planning....

I remember as a kid being really excited to watch all the Christmas shows and specials on Christmas Eve. This year however Channel 7 is showing No Leave, No Life, Off the Eaten Track and Prep & Landing (Naughty vs. Nice). Channel 9 has Australia's Funniest Home Video's Summer Series followed by Making of Happy Feet 2 and then at 8pm Carol's by Candlelight and then we have Channel 10 with IGA Lord Mayor's Carols in the City and the movie Back to the Future Part 2 because god knows we all need to see it again ON CHRISTMAS EVE!

I rest my case!

One of my fave's was Frosty The Snowman cause the little girl was called Karen :)

Maybe this is where my love of the Igloo Setting on my Air Con was born hehehe.

Now I taped the Buble special last Saturday night because I knew that I would be stuffed from my big day out at the work xmas party (I know me so well....) and wouldn't really enjoy it.

And last night after my Mum went to bed I decided to sit down and have some Buble time :)

Now maybe it's not everybody's cup of tea but you know what I LOVED IT! Yesss it was a bit cheesy buttttt I think we all need a bit of cheesy every now and then in this old so serious world! And what would Christmas be without some Christmas Carols and laughs.....

Michael is a true lover of Christmas and to me this was very apparent with his special and I know for a fact that what he said about loving Christmas is all true!

I have to tell you though that my most fave part wasn't the singing, although come on there is nothing wrong AT ALL to watch Mr Buble sing and move to these wonderful songs.... but no my fave part was when he had the comedy skit from the NBC special from the 1970's, the one that they don't talk about, the one that broke a lot of careers hehehe.

Now they had two of these skits but the one that really had me laughing out loud was when Michael was singing (in a bad normal singing voice) a Christmas Carol and his singing partner was in a Christmas present box and couldn't get out!!!! So he was freaking out in the box, trying to sing and at the very end when he did get out he was crying because he thought he was going to die! hahaha OMG it was a classic!

Here is the clip:

Michael Buble Christmas in a Box!

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee Michael Buble's humour. He def cracks me up A LOT!

He had quite a few special guests too!

There was Naturally 7 that have toured here in Australia with Michael on the last two tours!

And I'm sorry but one cannot forget, the one, THE ONLY........


And some guy called Justin Bieber who the audience really liked....

So for me it had a bit of everything and everyone for all different ages, something where the whole family would be entertained!

So I guess my question to Channel 7 is this:

Why not show the Michael Buble Christmas Special on Christmas Eve when families can watch this type of good wholesome family entertainment together?

No Leave No Life & Off the Eaten Track.... to me Channel 7, this doesn't really have the spirit of Christmas for the younger generation, or am I wrong???

Now here at Morley Manor we have been working on a little something for you kids too. Now it might quite not be up to Mr Michael Buble's standard but we gave it a shot! (with our friend Erica's help!!)

Here for you is:

A Very Morley Christmas....

Groover's have a great Christmas won't you.

Enjoy the time with your family, even if they annoy the crap out of you! You only have one family and one day out of all the year isn't that much to ask is it? Even if you just go visit for a couple of hours....

Smile, Grin and Bare it and before you know it you too might just be in the Christmas Spirit - Just Like Mr Michael Buble! :)


Me xxx


Brent said...

A bit late now,, But Boob was on tonight on mate at 730

Brent said...

Hey,, a LOT better now when we click on a picture it doesn't open in another window, just scroll thru them,, nice and tricky..

The Morley Report said...

Did you watch him Brenton? Come onnnnn you can tell me....

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