05 December, 2011

All aboard for a Massive Edition of The Morley Report - Toot Toot

Well first of all Groover's I must thank my Mum for writing my apology note last night. I really really was very tired and truth be known - I prob feel worse tonight.... LOL

So as promised, sit back, call your family and tell them that you won't be available for Christmas (as you will still be reading The Morley Report!!), relax and get ready for a good old Morley catch up!

Day 1

So let us go back in time, back to last Friday when I boarded a plane with my friend Elaine, bound for Old Sydney Town to have a Girls Weekend in the Big Smoke!

I lived it up big on the plane and stocked up on some little goodies:

Upon arrival we dropped our bags to the hotel and made our way to Sydney Tower Buffet for lunch at the revolving restaurant.

Now when I first saw the revolving floor it took me back to the 1980's when back then in Brisbane there was a nightclub called Images. And whilst I didn't hang out at that one a lot I do remember the first time going there and dancing on the dance floor and then losing my bearings and not knowing where our table was because the dance floor kept going around in a circle!!! LOL

So our restaurant had the most amazing views....

And after our rushed arrival (due to a late bus transfer from the airport) a nice cold drink was in order to settle the nervessss anddddddd to get used to the building moving.... felt like I was on a ship again!

I had to steady myself.... you know with the restaurant moving and all! hehehe

The food was delicious:

Sorry there isn't a pic of the savoury food! I was sooooo hungry I forgot to take any LOL.

We had a great time and again I really enjoyed the scenery!

This restaurant would def be a great place to watch the fireworks of New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour!!

And then we when finished and went back downstairs for a second I thought I saw Jake!!

But I think the Rum and Coke might have been affecting my vision! tee hee

Then it was time to make our way back to our hotel which was The Observatory Hotel at The Rocks, in Sydney and check in.

The staff at this hotel are amazing. For such a high end Hotel they are so down to earth and friendly which to me makes me feel at home :)

I just love this hotel and one of the things that I love is the old world feeling that it has. Whilst most hotels nowadays are very modern this one has character!

We have a lovely plate of fruit awaiting us

And if you look very closely they had me down as Ms Molloy! As in Miss Molly had dolly who was sick sick sick.... OMG Maybe Miss Molloy had ESP cause the Sick Sick Sick did come, but much later hehehe.

After checking out our room next stop was the indoor pool and spa! OMG Groover's I have to tell you that I LOVE THIS POOL! It has to be the best indoor pool I have ever seen!

We really took advantage of the spa :) But in a good way hehehe.

They also have a steam room and a sep sauna along with all toiletries in the bathrooms and have sep ones for men and women! And when you catch the lift downstairs to the pool you actually walk through the Day Spa!

Now I decided to have a steam at the very end. Remember this bit for later ok!

So then it was time to rush back to our room and get ready as we had an appt with the actual Sydney Observatory! But we were running late... and we were going to catch a taxi but our concierge told us that just across the road were some stairs that lead up to the observatory. So off we ran.....

Now these stairs Groover's.... they went all the way up to heaven, or at least it felt like it and I kid you not at the very last three steps I couldn't go any further and Elaine had to push me up! Then I needed two headache tablets as I had a headache from the stairs! LOL Might have been something to do with that steam tee hee.

But kids, if you ever find yourself in Sydney this is a must do! It only cost us $17pp and prob not something you would even think of doing. But for Elaine and I, it was one of the highlights of our trip!

They even had a telescope with the brand name Meade. Now for those that aren't aware Mead is my maiden name, so was interesting to see this little fact!

We got to see Jupiter and it's four moons which looked like this:

But more defined thanks to the amazing Meade telescope that the Sydney Observatory had! Which was something more along these lines....

As well as the Moon up close!

But this picture doesn't even do it justice, it was a much closer and clearer view!

We had a very entertaining guide called Elliot :) Who answered all of our questions, made us laugh anddddd most importantly shared his knowledge of all things Stars! As I like to call it....

So a Big Thank YOU to our new friend Elliot for such a wonderful night! :)

Then it was time to head back to the hotel, this time all DOWN HILL! Yipee

And we def needed a little drink to top off our lovely night at the bar in the hotel!

Then it was time to order Room Service for dinner and Elaine watched a movie and I had a lovely bath! :)

Then it was time to hit the sack and sleep!

Day 2

Well we had a lovely sleep in, got up and went downstairs to the restaurant for our Breakfast!

Then it was time to walk down to The Rocks Markets.

The markets had a lot of stalls with crafts, food, souvenirs, beauty products! We loved it.

We also saw one of the first houses that convicts built in Sydney!

And made our way around to Circular Quay where we did a Sydney Harbour Tour.

Then it was time to head back to our lovely room at our hotel.

And as much as I wanted to have a little sleep we decided another swim was in order!

Then it was time for a little nana nap as we had HUGE PLANS for our night :)

Soooo after our nap we headed to a little place called The Caringbah Hotel!

We were meeting up with my friend Steve and Kelly who runs Steve's music school!

Now Groover's we had the most amazing night, with laughs, dance moves, singing - in A of course (anything by Elvis right Steve?) and it was lots of fun!

I like to call these next pics "When Elaine met Steve".

I am pretty sure I haven't drunk anything like that in a longgggg time - IF EVER!! Honest....

But we def had fun :)

Then it was time to really go where to be honest - Only THE VERY BRAVE GO.... The V Club aka The Vinyl Club aka The "Vagina" Club! Longggggg story :)

On the way we checked out Steve's Music School where Kelly does AMAZING work!!

And then it was time.... Could we handle it? Would we know where to look?

But the time came.... and we walked down the stairs and OMG GROOVER'S I was back in the 1980's and 18 again!

Guess what song was playing? Thriller by Michael Jackson!! The music was crazy and they also had matching video clips. We saw and heard Meatloaf (back when he could sing!), Pat Benatar, J. Giles Band - Centerfold, Bon Jovi etc. etc.

Do you remember that movie Something's Gotta Give, with Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Keanu Reeves? Well there is this line in the movie where she has sex with Jack Nicholson and afterwards they are talking in bed and she says "I thought I had shut up shop and wouldn't be doing that again?" Welllllllllll not the sex bit butttttt that's how I felt about a nightclub.

If you had told me that I would walk into a nightclub at 45, hear Thriller and all night only 80's songs would be played and that I would be up on the dance floor getting right into it... I would never have believed you. I soooo felt like I was 18 again :)

Now some people are shy and cannot be seen in such a venue!

But others stand tall and proud to be such Groovers!

So after a big night on the Dance Floor it was time for Cinderella to leave the ball and we said our goodbyes and made our way back to the hotel!

And check this out!

I knowwwww I'm too cool for Skool! hehehe.

Then it was time to crawl into bed, order room service (at 4am) and sleep, sleep, sleepppppppppp.

Day 3

Four hours later it was time to get up :( and meet my brother Matthew downstairs in the Restaurant for Breakfast!

We had a lot of laughs recalling the previous nights fun!!!

Here is a pic of me and Matthew

And then we did the "Bad Family Portrait" that Rove has made famous previously in his show on Foxtel - Rove LA

Now this next moment could possible be the highlight of my whole weekend!

Elaine had packed her suitcase very neatly and I already had mine on the floor so as we started to walk out of the room down the hallway I looked back to drag mine along and as I looked back Elaine was just moving her suitcase off the box at the end of her bed and as she moved it down the whole thing opened and all her things fell out onto the floor!

It was sooooo funny we all couldn't stop laughing!!! It seems she unzipped the expandable part when she thought she was zipping up her bag! LOL So then we watched as she just shoveled everything back into her suitcase.

Then it was time to check out and bid the lovely Observatory Hotel goodbye!

It was a good flight home but geez we were tired. But there were two kids who were happy to see me!

Embee Louise - Jake brought her in the car to pick me up!

Look at that happy smiling face :)

And today when I went back to work there was my lover Seamus Poo Poo all excited that I was back!

He was patiently waiting for his smacko!

Well Groover's if you made it this far to the very end I am soooo proud of you. Of course the year is now 2012 and it's February! But hey you read the whole thing and that's what counts! hehehe

love ya

Me xxx


Anonymous said...

Nice effort Ms Morley, but you forgot the PIE ! which I killed both Maureen and Brenton for. Go away without me again and there will be serious trouble !!!!!


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