04 November, 2011

Spa Movember - Morley Style

Well tonight I went to dinner with my mate Bern. We had a great time catching up as both of our lives have been quite busy and every time we seemed to try and catch up it just didn't happen. Sometimes she was sick, sometimes it was me, sometimes we were just plain busy.

Funny isn't it when friendships get so busy that there just isn't enough time to catch up! Thank god for Facebook :)

I also decided tonight to take time out tonight and I had a spa! And can you believe this was only my third time! Crazy goose that I am.... :( But it was nice to chill out, watch the moon, stars and clouds drift across and chat with Baby Jake, or as I like to call him at the moment "The Unemployed Mo" as in mustache!

You see first of all it started with the Holiday Shag. And I don't mean shag in a good way, I mean a sprinkling of hair across his face. Then more grew, then some changed colour, thennnnnnnnnnn he shaved some off and kept "The Mo". Except the Mo really isn't all one colour.

Now you may say the Mo is for Movember, and for this month of November maybe Baby Jake could get away with it... And maybe NOT! And tonight he even said it was getting so long that it's curling over his lip! Ewwwwwwwwwww so wrong on so many levels LOL
It's tough you know being out of work and living in a Spa! It's like having my own live-in pool boy, but NOT! hahaha.

I'm thinking I need to employ myself one like this:

But I'm worried I can only afford THIS!

Sometimes he even has that themed music playing in the background. You know the 70's Porn music..... hehehe. Jake that is!

Well so that is the latest. Yep I agree not much. I ate dinner, I had a nice dessert and I then shared a warm bath with a hairy Baby Jake!

Surely my weekend can only improve from there....

Having said that I do have a few big things planned for the weekend, which meanssssss I promise I will have more to write about!

Oh and my new little lamb "Ba Ba Em" is fitting in quite nicely. There was only one small problem: Jake bought her a brand new bone. It's kinda the length of HER! And during the night, sometime around mmmm 2am she went downstairs and decided to go outside, go to the bathroom and check on the Bone, as you do at 2am. We like to call that here at "The Morley Manor" - Bone Patrol.

But she came undone Groover's. You see she decided to bring her bone inside and I am guessing she wanted to bring it upstairs to keep in my bedroom. Buttttttt as hard as she tried she couldn't get it through the doggy door downstairs.

Jake woke up at the banging of the bone (and nooooooo not THAT BONE!) and turned the light on and there she was. Ba Ba Em, bone in her mouth on an angle trying for the life of her to bring both herself and the bone through.

She didn't succeed.

Poor Ba Ba Em :(

Instead she was sent to what her and I like to call "The Dirty Prison" which of course is Jake's bedroom and we were not reunited until 7.30am this morning. I know it's def a sad tale!

So until tomorrow night, be good and have a nice sleep in tomorrow - if you can!


Me xxx

I tried to get a pic of "The Mo" but "The Mo" is shy.... so leave it with me Groover's and I'll see what I can do! And I just had a great idea! I might grown my OWN! I knowwwwww SEXY hey! Pics to come....


Alice said...

This is hilarious!!

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