30 November, 2011

You always need to be prepared


And a girl can never go wrong really wearing a Red Hard Hat at work.... or can she? LOL. You be the Judge!

I like to call this one Lady in Redddddddddddddd

And my friend Leon I discovered today, has a new eyebrow piercing and if you look really close you will see he has one ear pierced too. Now if he ends up with a tattoo watch OUT!!

Today at work I was talking to one of the guys (who likes to make chicken noises to the radio music sometimes.... which makes me giggle!) about the new Muppet Movie, as he has a young son and I thought it might be something they could both go along too. And I always tell him that he reminds me of Camilla the chicken. You know the one Gonzo loves!

And so I have read that the new Muppet Movie is really really good buttttt sad and that you need to take your tissues along....

And that got me thinking... which can be a scary thing. 1. for Jake and 2. for my brain!

So I was thinking about the first time I took Jake to see a movie. It was the Disney movie with Robin Williams - Aladdin!

Now I myself really wanted to see this movie because I love Robin Williams and had heard he was very funny as the Genie. I think Jake might have been about three years old and I thought I would be brave and give it a shot!

Jake love it and spent the whole movie on the floor! Checking out the glowing lights down the aisle. He was mesmerized by them!

So whilst YES I saw the movie, I didn't really get to hear the Robin William jokes :( Nice one Jake! You owe me baby....

And of course as I have mentioned in previous posts on other Movie Outings Jake has not once BUT TWICE put his arm in the drink holder and got it stuck!

And can I just say that it is an art form to try and remove a stuck arm from one of those little suckers whilst people are still watching the movie around YOU!!!!!

But do you know what I love the most about going to Kid Movies? It's when kids laugh. They laugh at things we don't find remotely funny and then we find ourselves laughing at the kids laughing.

Orrrrrrrr there is part in the movie that is silent and there is that one kid who just finds something funny in the movie and laughs out loud. They def have no shame.... good on them I say :)

Can you remember the first movie you ever went to?

Mmmmm sooo it took me a bit to remember but you know I think when I was little my Nana took me "up the road" from our house to The Paddo picture theatre (which was in Paddington in Brisbane) to see a Snoopy movie during the school holidays.

Although I do remember a story that my Mum told me about going to the pictures when I was very young and all I wanted to do was keep going to the toilet.

Not much has changed since those daysssssss hehehe.

And I remember that The Paddo picture theatre in the very front rows had these old hessian sling back seats and my Nana packed us Ham sandwiches LUCKY ME! AND I think I was allowed to buy one packet of lollies! Something like a packet of Jaffas!

Ahhhhh the good days.....

Makes you realise just how far we have come doesn't it.


Me xxx


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