08 December, 2011

How I Lost My Virginity.....

Ok Groover's I think I may have your attention with that Headline! LOL

So the other day a good friend of mine happen to say "now if you had a headline on your Blog like - How I Lost My Virginity, I might read it!!!". So I dedicate this special blog tonight to him :)

Virginity, mmmm where do we even start. It's an interesting word isn't it! Brings back certain memories to all of us, some good, some not so good, some may have even become born again virgins (I know I did, just before I got married! hehehe).

When you are younger it feels like everyone is "doing it" but are they really?

I can remember at Primary school (so I was under 12yo) when the big joke was if someone said they were coming. As in someone might say to you are you coming on Friday night? and everyone would snigger. I didn't know why.... I know I was shy and innocent! :)

And at high school I had a very interesting moment on a date with a rather cute guy! to the movies to see The Shining and had my very first kiss with him. Interesting as I ended up biting his tongue! LOL What can I say I was eager.....

There were also a couple of other so called "moments" at parties during school where action was happening in "the bushes" hehehe. But not me kids.... no I was inside watching TV - I swear!!!

I had a few friends that had already done the deed but for me I guess I wanted to wait for the right guy.

I know my Grandparents and my Mother believed in no sex before marriage and when I moved out of home (of course the main reason was to have my boyfriend sleep over!) they were not happy to say the least, but eventually they got over it.
It's such a big thing isn't it. And I can remember many years ago reading in the John Gray book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" that men need to have sex to feel loved; and women need to feel loved BEFORE they have sex. Makes you wonder how it ever works doesn't it!

And the so called urban legend goes that you should never divulge that good old "How many people have you slept with number" to your new partner.

Back in the good old 1980's sex was EVERYWHERE!! All people had to worry about back then was to not get pregnant. Of course there were still sexual diseases but people didn't really think about it. If you were on the pill then you were safe, as such....

Of course this was all before Aids, and boy didn't that change things!

Back in 1986 on my FM104 Rock Cruise on the Fairstar ship sex was everywhere you looked. I can still see in it as clear as day, when at the end of the night we would all be still at the nightclub and it closed at various times each night depending on the crowd and the DJ would say Okkkkkkkk it's the last song of the night and you would literally see people go "Shit! I've gotta find someone to hook up with!". There was desperation in the air hehehe.

They were of course in the cabins, on deckchairs and every so many cabins there was a bathroom (as we only had a shower in our cabin) and people were even in there with the door locked of course.

I can remember girls having bruises on their inner thighs from the wooden framed bunk beds andddddd it's a bit sad, but I can even remember girls cringing in the ocean swimming from the salt water!

I'm telling you it was outta control...... but it wouldn't be that long until Aids came along and things I believe changed dramatically. Do you remember that shocking Aids TV Ad with the Grim Reaper? One of my favourite's was a picture of many beds with the slogan, when you sleep with this person, you are also sleeping with all these people.

Funny isn't it how these images can still remain with us. Very good advertising if you ask me.

And it's funny now as a mother because there is no way that I want to know ANYTHING WHATSOEVER about Baby Jake is this way..... to me he is still that little Baby Jake in his walker!!!! So if I ever hear any of this type of talk I put my fingers in my ears and sing a song, as all good mothers do!!!!!! :)

Sometimes OKKKKKKKKKKKK all the time when I am paying out on Jake about stuff and if it turns to women or sex he just looks at me and says "do you really want to know?". Of course straight away I retreat back to my box, just where Baby Jake likes me as he knows that I don't wanna know nothin!!!! hehehe

And I guess most of you (except Jake...) are waiting for me to talk about my first time.

Mmmmmm let's see.

I guess I could say it involved this:

And this:

And noooooooooo I didn't do it on the stairs at a Rodney Rude (Australian comedian from the 80's) gig!!!

But being the sophisticated woman that I am, of course I do need to keep some things sacred..... Come onnnnnnnnnnnn I tell you guys enough as it is! And of course a Lady never tells.

Nightttttttttt hehehe

Me xxx


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