18 February, 2012

Everyone has a good book in them ~ Rachael Bermingham ~

So Groover's today was one of those Uhh Haaa Days as Oprah would say. Some might call it a Light Bulb moment others an Epiphany, me well I call it as I see it and I would call it def a "Life Changing Moment".

And before you all go and get WAYYYY excited thinking I saw another 8 naked men like back at the end of December on Hamilton Island.... I need to reel you all back in and put you on the right track :)

Today I attended the "How to write a book and make it a BESTSELLER" conference hosted by the amazing Rachael Bermingham. Now you may know her from the 4 Ingredient Cook Books or even the 4 Ingredient show on Foxtel and some may even be familiar with her publishing company Bermingham Books and the numerous best selling books that she has written.

I have been a big fan for a few years now and last year I was booked in to do this conference in Sydney when it was postponed at the last moment and I was devastated as I had been looking forward to it for ages, and was already in Sydney for work. But as the saying goes - things happen for a reason and I truly do believe this from the bottom of my heart!!

Only two weeks ago I found out about today's workshop and it was only 15mins from home, just a tad closer than Sydney don't ya think :)

It was so wonderful to be surround by people that have the same passion for their writing as I do and what I found remarkable was listening to their own personal stories and ideas that they want to write about and share with the world.

I guess I was like a Sponge and please... not in the Sponge Bob Square Pants way! (Although we do look similar if you squint hehehe) My pants were not square and def not sponge like but my minddddd well my mind Groover's was a HUGE SPONGE. And I took it all in, asked my normal 101 questions (thanks Rachael, it's something that I do to clarify and understand things so I really did appreciate your time) and found it very inspirational.

Now we all have busy lives that my friends is a given fact! But here is a woman, a single parent may I just add of three boys, which include twins that knows only one speed and that kids is FULL SYSTEM A GO-GO!

The whole room was mesmerised and we all were inspired to take lots and lots of notes, advice and tips that only Rachael could provide :)

Now as quite a few of you know writing a book has been something on my mind for quite some time and can I just say that the feedback, kind words, support and encouragement you guys give me both publicly and privately mean the world to me and it is from these things that I have decided to start writing a manuscript.

Tonight we also have a few new visitor's to The Morley Report as I spoke about it a bit today with people and shared some of my stories and tried my best to convey just what The Morley Report is all about.

Now I know that this current site has had a few glitches with leaving comments but Groover's tonight I would love it if you could try and leave a comment on the bottom of my this blog to share your thoughts with our new readers about just what it is that makes you keep coming back each night to read my stories, why some of you hound me with texts, comments and private messages when I am late uploading it LOL and what it is that you enjoy about my site.

I give you my word that very soon we are going to move across (keeping it in the same layout) to a better hosting site so that you can bombard me with all you comments, the good, the bad and the ugly!

I walked away today from the conference with admiration for the women that I met and I have to say that I am a little bit excited for the coming months to gather my thoughts and stories and make one of my dreams come true.

On Thursday a friend of mine shared a story about an actor friend of his that has never given up on his dream and has just landed his first big role on Australian Television. He told me that his mate told him many years ago:

That you only ever fail if you give up! If you never give up than you haven't failed!

Never a truer word has been spoken.

I count myself very lucky that at the end of the day I got to have some one on one time with Rachael (isn't she lucky....)

Or hang on a sec... Maybe I was the one that was Lucky!!!

And Rachael was soooo lovely and spent time with people writing in their books and having pictures taken.

I found her so approachable, friendly, helpful and I have to say that I really enjoyed her sense of humour too... because without humour we would all be very dull and boring!

Here is the link to Rachael Bermingham's website:

Rachael Bermingham

Today was one of those special days when you realise that anything, ANYTHING my friends is in fact possible in this life that we have been given. All you need to do is to never EVER stop believing in yourself and as the song goes

I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never going to keep me down....

So Groover's batten down them hatches cause this little Morley has some exciting times ahead andddddddd I may just have to call you kids to help me out from time to time with your opinions of what you might like to see me write about and maybe what not! Of course I can't promise to stop calling my 21yo son Jake - "Baby Jake" or never talk about his Large Head, because let's face it I'm such a loving mother and that's just how I roll! hehehe.

And I give you my word that I will continue to write The Morley Report nightly (unless Funny Nana writes me one of her famous notes...) and share the going on of all thing Morley because I couldn't imagine my life now without you guys in it!

Love ya

Me xxx


Jakeysam (AKA "Baby Jake") said...

Well I for one, check that nothing "too" incriminating is said about me.

The Morley Report said...

Are you sure you read each and every blog? And if I couldn't ever say anything incriminating about you well really what is there left to say.... :)

Karen Clarke said...

Great blog and wasn't it such a great day! It is rather inspirational sitting with a room full of budding authors.

Looking forward to following your blogging/writing journey with interest. You can also find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/powerfulpositivepeople.

Sharing the dream. :-)

Marney Perna said...

Hi It was lovely to meet you yesterday :) I look forward to your journey and reading all about it also:)
Just love your illustrations as well...cheers and have a great day.

Blessings Marney

Laine said...

I love reading all the stories, some I'm in and have forgotten, until Karen reminds me again of some ancient memory or embarassing moment lol! Most are new and it's great hearing what's been happening in the Morley household and the upcoming events, short breaks (no pun intended) or holidays - as most of her friends already know - Karen is addicted to holidays like most people are addicted to breathing - so it's always exciting to see if there's another one on the horizon, and I know for a fact there is a little something in the offing...hehehe! Ooops...cat's out of the bag now :) It's enjoyable to see the photo's she uploads, be them of 'Baby Jake', 'Funny Nana' Embee Louise or any of the amazing friends she has or new ones she meets, and the funny/awesome photo's she finds to pepper her anecdotes. Keep writing hun, we all love reading them :)

The Morley Report said...

Thanks Karen! It was an amazing day that's for sure! xxx

The Morley Report said...

Hey Marney, thanks for your lovely words :)

The Morley Report said...

Elaine, ahhhh you know too many stories on me too hehehe. But it's sure fun going back down memory lane isn't it! Wellll most of the time hehehe.

Thanks my dear for your words of encouragement! xxx

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