14 February, 2012

I Love Chooky - What love means to me!

Well it's Valentine's Day and Groover's I would like to wish everyone single one of you a Happy Valentine's Day!

It doesn't matter if you are young, old, straight, gay, tall, short (as in me!), single, happily married orrrrrr even having an affair hehehe, everyone deserves to be loved and have love in their lives :)

And today at work it had me telling a story... I knowwwwwww something different! You see I was talking about the times in my life that I have received flowers... and tonight I would like to share two of these with you kids.

So Story No. 1

I used to say to my ex-husband when we were just dating; that girls don't need to have lots of money spent on them for flowers. It could be just one flower and it would mean a lot! And back then he was an apprentice hairdresser and I even said to him "I wouldn't mind if it was even the dead flowers from your work".

So one night when he came home from work he said "check my bag" and there... wrapped in newspaper.... WERE THE DEAD FLOWERS FROM HIS WORK! I knowwwww such love hehehe.


Story No. 2

My ex-husband used to count my wedding day as one of the times he bought me flowers!

True Story

Who would have thought we would eventually get divorced LOL! Ahhhhh in the whole scheme of life it's nothing really is it. There are so many more important things in life than flowers and Valentine's Day.

But to be loved in life, that my friends is what it is all about. And sometimes it's the small things in life that bring us the most happiness. Please allow me to share this story that I will call "Chooky".

Years ago not long after my Nana passed away, I had this little piece of material that Nana used to keep in her "box". Which was kinda like a small wardrobe.

Now it wasn't even sewn into anything but I had it in my house and I used it as a small tablecloth on a coffee table. And one afternoon when I came home from work I noticed that it was missing from the coffee table...

So as you do, you ask Baby Jake who back then would have been around 13. And here is what he told me: It seems he knocked over a candle (which means playing with matches) and some of the table cloth caught on fire and so that I wouldn't find out he DUMPED IT!

And do you know what that day was? Yep Garbage Day.... and the bin had already been emptied that morning :( I was sooooo upset that I just sat there and cried. Now whilst it was only a piece of material it meant the world to me.

I remember that I told Funny Nana and Grandad and cried some more over the phone... and then that Christmas Funny Nana surprised me. You see she had been embroidering this table cloth many years earlier and she had Grandad take her out and she bought new yarn to match the existing colours and finished it off and presented it to me for Christmas... isn't that lovely! :)

But there was a 2nd present - Chooky!

Now Chooky you see was a sugar bowl that my Nana had won many moons ago as either a tennis prize or maybe it was a raffle at tennis! And it used to take centre place on our breakfast/dining table!

I was fascinated by it.. but you WERE NEVER EVER allowed to touch him, in case we broke him! Or I broke him!

And so this one little elcheapo sugar bowl has a special place in my heart and there it was, all wrapped up for me as my special Xmas Present!!! :)

Now some people are promised Jewellery, Paintings things that are worth a lot of money but for me that little sugar bowl is prob one of my most treasured possessions!!

And to me Groover's this little porcelain sugar bowl is WHAT LOVE MEANS TO ME! Not bunches of flowers or cards in the mail!

So on that note kids I wish you Love and Happiness - Alwayssssssssssss!

Me xxx


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