25 February, 2012

Saturday Escape.....

Well the rain overnight wasn't as bad as predicted.... down in Brisbane anyway! But having said that still glad we cancelled our weekend away.

So to make it up to Funny Nana, I took her shopping.

Now the one thing you need to know about me is this - I don't like shopping! I knowwwwww and I call myself a Girl LOL.

I guess it all stems back to when I was a young single mum and had no money, mind you it's not like I have that much more now.... but back then it was pretty tough and I guess you condition yourself not to look at things you cannot afford. I mean what's the point? You only get yourself upset and sad about the things that you wish you could have, but instead need to save your money to feed your child! Silly Jake for needing to eat....

So I'm the kinda shopper that is in and out. Get what I need and I'm gone with the wind...

This meant that today I needed to fill in my time at the shops, as I let Funny Nana go do her thing (it pains me to watch her shop what can I say...) and then I go do mine.

But what should I do?

Well Groover's I decided to treat myself to a few "Me Things" as you do.

First up was a pedicure. Of course I normally only do this when I want "Holiday Feet" for that special holiday butttt I wasn't going anywhere this time, just home... but I thought it might be nice to see nice feet. The biggest thing I wanted to take care of today was to get rid of what I like to call "My Old Woman Feet"! You know the heel area. I would just like to say right now out loud WTF happens to us when we get older and our heels somehow turn into elephant skin, with 532 layers!!!!

And just so you know, I think elephants are cute. Dry, cracked heels - not so much!!

It's the one thing I hate about getting older, so far anyway....

So I took care of my Old Woman Heels and boy they look swish :)

And thennnnnnnnn I decided to have a nice little massage!

Now I haven't had many massages in my life and I normally wait until I am down at Kingscliff on holidays as there is this amazing beautician there that doesn't charge the earth. The other thing (for me that is) is that I guess to have somebody touch my body like that I kinda have to feel comfortable. I mean I have never had a man do a massage (unless of course it was a partner... mmmm let's not take me down that train of thought thanks!) and feel way more comfortable having a woman do it.

Because you see to me a massage really is something more intimate that you do with your "Special Friend" not some random stranger in a shop!!! But hey that's just me I guess and we all know that I am a freak of nature :)

But I was brave (not brave enough to have a man do it.... TODAY ANYWAYS hehehe) and my goodness me it was just divine! Loved it and today with all the rain around it was just a lovely day to have it done.

I also took myself to a lovely little cafe and had a nice breakfast. Let me ask you kids something - Have you ever gone and eaten alone at a cafe/restaurant? Maybe taken yourself off to the movies, with it just being you? Or even gone away on a little holiday for a few nights just by yourself?

I do it all the time and I have to tell you Groover's - I LOVE IT! I think it all stems back to being an only child and having to entertain myself when my Grandparents and Funny Nana would have their lunch time nap! (the joys of living with Grandparents..) but it taught me to enjoy my own company and as I grew up I can honestly tell you that I think this is a great skill to have.

I have a friend who has told me over the years that she thinks that I am strange that I like to do these kind of things by myself.

With the movies I like to go to what I call "The Nana Session", you know first thing in the morning 10am when all the ladies and Nana's go. I would never go say on a Saturday night and be surrounded by couples all in love! Come onnn I'm a crazy, but not that crazy... And sometimes when I am out, a coffee, maybe lunch or breakfast is something that I am not shy to have by myself. And over the last so many years on a couple of occasions I have gone away by myself to a resort, where of course I feel comfortable and just spend a couple of days just being me and enjoying the peace & quiet!

The way I see it, esp with going to the movies is that sometimes if I wait until someone is free to go see that movie that I have been hanging out for, by the time that we do get around to go and see it, it has finished andddd let's face it, when you are sitting in the movies and the lights go down, really who are you going to talk to anyway!

So there you go Groover's a few little sad insights into what makes me, ME! Exciting isn't it hehehe.

So after a morning of pampering, I spent the afternoon working on my book and had a teeny eeny Nana Nap (cause all the hip kids are doing it!) and tonight my friend James is coming over to do some last minute touches to the spankin new website!

It's funny because James is Jake's friend and when I told him yesterday that James is coming over, it freaked him out that I am hanging out with HIS FRIEND! But as James so kindly put it last night "I've known you almost along as I've know Jake. I'd say it's safe to say we're friends too". Isn't that nice of him to say :) And it is very true.

Well that's another Saturday done and dusted, how did your Saturday turn out?

Me xxx


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