12 February, 2012

The Morley Roundup...

Well it sure has been an eventful week in my life!

First there was the Dove Family Nest saving thanks to my wonderful friend Greg! And Groover's I would love to announce the our Dove family is expecting!

Yep this time it's just one little egg all by itself. They sure didn't muck around this time... and both Mum and Dad Dove plus Baby Dove Egg are settling into the new home, which now sits on a much better secure ledge :)

Thennnnnnnnnnnn came the BIG PURCHASE of the new Kazzachezza Mobile! :) :) (notice that one gets two smiles...)

Now I was tossing up to get the green one but went for the "Aquatic Blue" instead and do you know it was only over the weekend that I realised that my Morley Report symbol is the same colour! Ahhhh was all meant to be!

But over the course of Thursday night I felt sick and thought maybe it was just all the excitement etc. but come Friday morning I realised it wasn't excitement butttttt a lovely little stomach bug! I knowww right! (as Jake would say).

So Friday I stayed home from work and took it easy and a big thanks to Jake who wrote a Morley Report for me, as there was no way on Friday night I was up to it!

And Funny Nana had a big Friday too, because as I was laying in bed she had the plumbers come visit downstairs in her/Jake's house and these pics below are mainly for Jake to see what work was done!



And because Jake was telling me that he sometimes misses the colour green that we have here back home, because I believe that in Yulara there is a lot of brown... here are some before and after pics of my hole! :)

And can you believe that I haven't even planted ONE GRASS SEED!!!

Courtesy of our lovely Mower Man Peter, who today I found out had the good old stomach virus too!

Saturday night Elaine & Heather came over for a spa and we were soooo very excited as Al DID turn up, jet lag and all as she only flew in from LA yesterday morning after being away for nearly two months!

It was a really lovely evening andddddd I would like to share with you my first ever Quiche!


Meets After:

We had lots of laughs and had a great catch up as well as a nice hot spa. And after everyone left and I cleaned up, I went back in for another one with the rain falling. My goodness it was lovely :)

Today was a quiet one. Whilst it was always a blast going away, I have to say that I equally love being at home. It's nice to be surrounded by "your things" now maybe this is an "old" thing I don't know but I have found that in the last so many years I love my house and my stuff!

I guess as the years have gone on you do start to accumulate things that you love and you surround yourself with them. Maybe that's it.....

Do you feel the same way?

And then of course today came the very sad news about Whitney Houston. And whilst I guess in the end it wasn't a complete shock considering the life she lead, the thing that really got to me is that she is only three years older than me and that her life has finished and that is a very sad thing.

We all have our favourite Whitney Houston song and who could forget The Bodyguard! But my thoughts go to her very young daughter Bobbi who at just 19 years of age is left without a mother and one would have to think has seen many things that a child of her age should never have had to witness.

Life is indeed a gift, one that we should treasure and make the most of!

On that note my friends, have yourself a lovely Sunday night!

Me xxx


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