17 February, 2012

Money makes the world go round.... and roundddd and rounddddd

So today I decided to ring my bank and see how long it will be until my funds are transferred back into my bank account..... after the good old credit card fraud that happened to me during the week.

Ohh yeahhh 10-14 days! WTF!!!!

Now here is the thing, yesssss I call it credit card fraud butttttttt I have a DEBIT CARD! So kids the money is mine NOT credit!!! And we are talking nearly $2000 here. So I have no card and no money..... Thank God for Funny Nana and her money! I joked with the girl on the phone with the bank - well I guess I will just have to eat Dog Food for a few days!

But get this: so it happened on Valentine's Day night at 11pm and thennnnnnnn I found out today, 6 mins later they actually tried again, different company and nearly the same amount give or take $3!!! But thank god the bank stopped that one but wouldn't have mattered anyway cause I don't have that much!!! I only had the other as I had just that very night been paid my monthly pay!!!

Ahhhhhhhh gotta love it!

And on other news my friend Shamy Poo Poo returned to work today after a four week holiday! I am sure you Groover's have been wondering where he has been as I haven't mentioned him at all....

And this morning as I drove into work and parked my car his Mum opened the office door and he came bounding down to meet me! We were both very excited to see each other and just in case you don't know - we are in fact getting married and I have promised him that I will have two of his babies and he will have the other 4! I knowwwwwwww ain't love grand hehehe.

We do really love each other though.... and it sure was lovely to see him today :) Funny isn't it how something as simple as seeing a cute doggie face, can brighten your day!!! But shhhhhhhh don't tell Embee Louise ok!!

And tonight I went out to dinner with my friend Amanda who I used to work with and her partner Jeff/Geoff (sorry Jeff/Geoff.... not sure which way you spell it!!). Now I haven't seen Amanda for about 10 months but it felt just like yesterday...

My Meal....

It's funny isn't it how we can have these amazing friends in life where you don't see them often but when you do you can just pick up where you left it! We had great chats and caught up on each others lives! And poor Jeff/Geoff had to listen to us waffle onnnnnnn although he was pretty good at keeping up with us! hehehe (like he had any choice!!!)

And this is where I am going to leave you kids tonight. I need to get my beauty sleep tonight as I have a big day planned tomorrow, you see I am attending a conference all about Becoming a Bestselling Author! Can't you just see it nowwwwww "A Morley Novel".... scary stuff indeedy! hehehe

I knowwwww it's a little exciting butttttttttt you will have to tune in tomorrow night and I shall fill you all in!

So have a great Friday night and Saturday and see you tomorrow night, same Morley Time, same Morley channel... or Blog in my case! LOL


Me xxx


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