24 February, 2012

Have you ever jumped the gun?

So last night I eluded.... okkkkkkkkk I PROMISED! that there would be BIG, HUGE NEWS tonight! But I was about 48 hours or so too early!

Sorry kids! But because we are close, I wanted to share my news just with YOU!

So this week my friend James and I, okkkk more James :) has been working on my new website, which will look very similar but here is the BIG THING - you will, I PINKY PROMISE have no problems whatsoever with leaving me comments and Groover's this is something that I really want to happen as I want to hear your thoughts, suggestions, your feedback more than anything!

What can I say "I like to start them young!" hehehe

Otherwise it feels like I am just talking to myself and YESSSS whilst do talk to myself and sometimes myself answers back - I like to hear other voices! Except those "Voices in my head" hehehe. But if I tell you about those voices I might be locked away and as it is Baby Jake only let's me out of our house on certain days!!!

So the website should be launched very late on Sunday night which means that come Monday 27th February, 2012 all will be revealed! :)

This week as well as working on the Website, saw me taking a GIANT STEP and sign up for a 12 week course to write my very own book. At the end of the 12 weeks I will have a book ready to publish!

Watch out kids I'm a comin hehehe

And so part of my new website launch will be asking you Groover's for suggestions on what you might like me to write about. What kind of things interest you and what things don't. But more on that next week.

On other news Funny Nana and I had big plans for this weekend to go away (shhh don't tell Embee Louise) but alas due to the bad weather anddd there is A LOT MORE RAIN TO COME OVER NIGHT and tomorrow we had to postpone it for another weekend!

Now I am pretty sure that it had nothing to do that little "Rain Dance" that Embee Louise did last night whilst doing her "Before Bed Wee-Wee!!".

And today my small hole got a manicure! You see it's been a bit neglected lately and tomorrow I promise to bring you photo's of it. Provided it doesn't float away overnight!!!!

And I have to share with you kids just quietly that whilst it is sad that we aren't going away tomorrow, right now I am really happy to have a very quiet weekend, especially with all the rain that is currently around. It's always great to stay in, watch some movies, maybe make a nice meal and have a little sleep in and I might sneak in a snappy little Nana Nap!!! OMG I am so excited just typing it out loud hehehe.

Ohhhh and Guess What? The biggest news of all and I nearly forgot to share it with you. Today I booked my tickets to fly over to see Baby Jake :) Will be going in early May, so stay tuned for those pics & stories.

And you know the funny thing today was that I emailed Jake to make sure it was ok to book (and also a big THANK YOU to my friend Tracey for telling me about the great deals that ended today!) I accidentally wrote the date for March instead of May and Jake had a heart attack that I was arriving next week. Which would mean him having to clean up his apartment!!! Funny Boy.... and ohhhhh so true!

So Groover's wherever you may be tonight keep dry!

Keep safe, keep smiling ohhh and don't forget to keep BREATHING!! Just a tip I like to share with close friends hehehe.


Me xxx


Anonymous said...

Loved it...... Reading more and more :) and all the best with the book. Il be there lining up for your autograph

Kimmi said...

Lots happening in your world as usual. Always fun to be shared! So nice to hear!
Your book- i would like to read something non-fiction, educational, self-help, along those lines- ie. planning tips for low budget holiday or everyone can get away for a holiday.
Take care
Love Lots

The Morley Report said...

Thanks Anonymous... May I call you Anon? :) I appreciate your comments and support and look forward to giving that "Autograph" :) xxx

The Morley Report said...

Hey Kim, First of all thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Feedback! Loved it!! Love the planning tips for Holidays on a Low Budget! Story of my life in that sentence hehehe. Consider it done my dear xxx

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