27 February, 2012

While I was sleeping....

So last night was a rough night.... you know one of those nights where you don't get much sleep and the next day is mighty long!

But I can share this bit with you, cause I know you pretty well by now...

Soooo in my dream or should I say dreams (as there were two!) they consisted of one famous guy and one not so famous guy. Gotta love it when you have those kinda dreams :)

Interesting isn't it why things or people pop into our dreams.

But then comes that moment, when you wake up and realise it's Monday morning and time to start the working week all over again.

And tonight I am watching the movie While you were Sleeping, you know the one with Sandra Bullock from many years ago. I've been watching it in bits and pieces over the last two days. It's such a lovely little movie.

Ahhhh sleeping, geez it's good isn't it when you can get it that is!

And you know one of my most favourite times of the day or night in this case, is when I get into bed and put my head on the pillow and know that I have 7 or 8 hours of sleep ahead of me.... ahhhhhhhh pure bliss!

And tonight as I type and you read, James is putting the finishing touches to The Morley Report's new website andddddddddddd believe it or not, I have been told that after midnight tonight all will be revealed! So this may be the very last time that I write to you from this older version.
Now the thing you need to remember is that the web address isn't changing, you will still find us at www.themorleyreport.com

We are just moving over to another host, which will then in turn make it so much easier to subscribe to email updates, to leave comments and there will also be a few little surprises along the way....

Well this little Morley needs an early night! So see you tomorrow night with a brand spankin new look!


Me xxx


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