05 February, 2012

The One that Got away...

Do you have a should, coulda, but didn't?

I have THREE!

What was I thinking...... Is it the timing in your life that for some reason just doesn't suit? Could it be that it just wasn't meant to be?

Now two of mine were def "wrong timing" and the other one, welllll I think I was just too scared. Crazy hey! Why do we do that to ourselves do you think?

There is a song by Des'ree called Life, and I have always remembered a line from that song as it sooo rang true to me and it goes a little like this:

Sometimes living out our dreams, Ain't as easy as it seems....

I'm a big believer in the saying "Things happen for a reason". I honestly believe that when we are born our life is already mapped out for us and we just tag along for the journey. The jobs, friends, lovers, partners etc. And we just have to keep going until if all unfolds out before our own very eyes.

Now Jake, wellll he thinks that I am crazy. Wellll we all know that one, but especially when it comes to this saying because you see HIS favourite saying is "Tempt Fate" which actually is what I thought that tattoo that he got last year for his 21st birthday would read.... instead it said "Cest Le Vie" which means such is life (I think).

Of course Jake is a boy and boys are always right aren't they? AREN'T THEY???? hehehe. I used to stir Jake up all the time when he was little and we would be arguing over something where we had different opinions and I would say to Jake "Ohhhhhhhhh sorry that's right, you are a boy and boys know everything and I am only a girl and I know nothing. Sorryyyyy, what was I thinking!". Used to cheese him off tee hee. Poor Baby Jake!!!

And you know I have also read recently that:

The new midlife crisis, is coming to terms with the road not taken....

Could this be true?

And only the other day a good friend of mine said to me "but life is strange in many ways, just think of it like this, if you'd married him you wouldn't have had Jake. Plus you wouldn't have done all the things you've done with your life if you were married to him. I think its always best to think on the bright side of things like that - it just gets you down thinking - what if???".

And of course it's not like you think about these things alllll the time. But sometimes in life things can pop up and just for that little sec it has you thinking and remembering back to a certain time in your life.

And you know I do believe that most people def have at least one "should, coulda, but didn't" in their lives....

I guess time will tell what will eventually pan out for all of us but I want to leave you today with one question:

Have you done anything lately worth remembering?

Have a great Sunday!

Me xxx


Brent said...

Firstly, being a woman you should just accept that we are men, we are sensitive when we MIGHT be wrong, so I know women just agree for the sake of things, and we just turn deaf when needed.

I believe that things do happen for a reason too, mainly relationship wise anyway,, the rest is up to us, if we are not happy we can change it,, if we want to,, I have been stuck in a groove for some time. Not really wanting things to change, for I think I am happy therefore I am?,, note the question mark.

As for doing something worth remembering,, I went to the drive in for the first time in a decade!
The next thing is I applied for a transfer to Rockhampton!! now thats the biggie..

So who knows my future lies in the hands of the gods, and me.
If it is meant to happen it will..

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