08 February, 2012

Operation Dove!

Ok so this morning I heard a little noise outside my window and guess who I saw? Both the Mum and Dad Dove!!

They were obviously looking over the empty nest and working out if they should rebuild a bit or move on....

They decided to rebuild, which was great news except for one little factor:

The nest really was only hanging in there by it's chinny chin chin on a palm leaf.

Now Baby Jake the other night, once I told him or should I say reminded himmmmm of my Baby Doves, said that I should probably cut the palm leaf down just incase they came back (which of course they did) and rebuilt (which of course they have started to do...) and if I didn't well then did I want to find dead Baby Doves in my garden? :(

I knowwwwww he just has a way with words doesn't he! And to think I gave birth to that! LOL

So what was little Kazzachezza to do? I knowwwwwwwwwwww ask my good friend from work Greg for some help. Now not many people would get that I wanted to help my Dove Family and not many people would take the time out to help a Crazy Bird Lady! But my mate Greg did, love ya Greg :)

And so began "Operation Dove".

What we did first was check it all out from my bedroom window, which in turn scared them off so that we could weave (or screw in) our magic. The first step was to cut the palm leaf and then I had to hold the leaf in place, and can I just add here that it was such a muggy day but I DID IT FOR THE DOVES!

I had sweat pouring down my face, in my eyes butttt I couldn't wipe my face as I needed to hands to steady the leaf. I knowwwwwwww I'm a good kid :)

And then Greg got to work as he had made us a bracket with some timber for the nest to sit on.

Did you see Embee and I in the background looking out through the window?

Now this was the only way we could think of to give the nest support because not only does the Mumma Dove sit on the nest for a couple of weeks (I'm an old hat at this now...) the babies hatch, usually two and thennnnnnn the mother and father take turns to fly back to feed them so it has to take the weight of two babies and one parent!

And some days I was sooo scared with the last "generation" as the leaf had moved a couple of times with either the wind or just really the leaf growing!!

So Greg did an amazing job, then it was time to give him the leaf and wipe my face OHHHH HEAVEN!! And we or shall I say GREG! cut an extra piece of palm leaf and laid this down first then we put the nest + palm leave that is kinda holding it in place, onto the leaf covered wood and now we wait.....

When I got home tonight I did of course check a few times but at this stage no Mum or Dad. But Groover's I am not giving up hope as they may come back tomorrow and the way we looked at the situation today, we could have left it as it was and something bad happened to the next generation of babies (as Jake said) orrrrr take a chance on some Kazzachezza sweat, 1 x bracket, 1 x piece of timber and ONE SUPER HERO GREG!! :)

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo we wait.

I promise to let you guys know as soon as I can if they do in fact return with a special *** Dove Newsflash Blog ***. So stay tuned kids.....

Over and out fellow Dove Lovers!

Me xxx


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