06 February, 2012

Mr Men...

I seem to be surrounded by men in my world....

The other day I found myself in a meeting room with 8 men and me! Lucky I don't get intimidated much by Men hehehe.

And tonight I had a visit by the Spa Doctor. Don't fret Groover's my spa is well I just needed some guidance on how much chemicals and whennnnnnn I should be putting them in as Baby Jake was the Spa Guru and now I have to do it all by my little self....

So it was like a tag team effort as just as he was leaving our Electrician "Dr Phil" longggggggg story.... turned up to tune Funny Nana's DVD in and set up a special box. Sounds suss but I promise it was all above board.

Sooooo nowwww as I am getting ready for bed I think to myself mmmmm they say it comes in three. I am waiting for the 3rd visit by the next man LOL.

I knowwwwwww Men, Men and more men...... Next thing Embee Louise will come out and tell me she really is a boy!!! I mean come onnnnnn we've allll seen how she humps those pillows!!!! :)

Oh whilst we are talking about Miss Embee Louise Morley, here she is with her Funny Nana!

They entertain each other every day whilst I am at work :)

On other news my Dove babies have grown up :( Yesterday in the morning one flew off and then last night around 6pm the other one left. I was a little sad as it's been lovely to watch them every day and night. But I know how it all works now as this is the way it happened last time.

First one, then the other.

Butttttt hang on a sec, that's not where the story ends because you see when I woke up this morning my Baby Dove was back outside in his nest and every now and then I could hear his little squeaks for his Mum to come back....

Now I haven't heard a peep out of them over all the weeks. The only noise has been when the Mum fly's back in to feed them orrrr when they were rebuilding the nest.

And when I got home tonight he was still in the nest buttttttttt a few hours ago as it was getting dark I looked outside and he was gone again :( It's too dark now to know if he came back so I will have to check in the morning. I am even thinking of getting a bird bath to put out the back for the birds and even put up some seed for them as I have to say I have really loved watching it all unfold outside my window. Not sure though if the palm leave is up to another round of babies :( but right now I can't bring myself to have it cut down (the palm leaf that is).

I was even thinking about getting some brackets and putting up a bird house outside my window but not sure if they would nest in it.

And they talk about women and cats hehehe I might end up being known as "The Bird Lady" noiceeeeeeeeeee, attractive sounding isn't it!!! LOL

So I'm up to date with my spa, Funny Nana has her DVD player working anddddddddd the next job to tackle is my hole.

I knowwwwww time for a "Hole Update" me thinks.... stay tuned! Wait until you see it!

Me xxx


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