02 February, 2012

The Drinking Game...

Now I've never been a big drinker - TRUE STORY! And when I think back maybe I was 17 when I had my first ever drink and I am thinking it would have been as and underage Groover in a Nightclub! Come onnnnn it was the 80's, was there any other way LOL

Ahhhh the 1980's. I think I might have told you kids a few times now how much I miss them days......

So I'm trying to think of the very first drink that I ever had, and of course I can't even remember! Can you remember your first ever drink?

Ohhh hang on a sec, I do remember trying a wine out of a "flagon" when I was 16 at a solicitor's office where I was working! Nice to know the old memory works some days.

And of course I went through stages of certain drinks: Gin & Squash, Bacardi & Coke, White Wine, Wine & Orange, Vodka & Lemonade with a dash of raspberry (wayyy before they became known as a Fire Engine!), Scotch & Dry, Scotch & Coke. Sounds like I was a big drinker but I promise you I wasn't!!! :)

And we all have that ONE drink we simply cannot drink and for me that is the good old Tequila! OMG even typing the name makes my mouth water! Not to drink it but makes me feel queezy hehehe. It was the good old Lick, Sip, Suck that took me down big time.....

Prior to that fateful night I can remember doing multiple Tequila Laybacks on the good old P&O Fairstar back in 1986. I turned 20 the day it left on a 14 night cruise. Ahhhh those were def the days my friends. We drank our way through the cocktail list and did rounds of Tequila Laybacks like there was no tomorrow!!!

Of course there was the Tequila Sunrise and the odd Margarita, but it was the lip, sip, suck that def did it!

And I remember that they had just opened a new nightclub in Brisbane called Transformers and I was newly married buy my husband was away for six months as he had joined the Australian Army only a couple of months after we were married, but that Groover's is entirely WHOLE 8 part blog mini-series hehehe.

Soooooooo back to the night of no return with a little help from Tequila . So my friend Helen came over to my unit and we decided to have a few snappy drinks before heading out, as you do... and within half an hour we had drunk 750mls of Tequila with lip, sip, suck. There were sucked lemons all over my kitchen bench and spilt salt everywhere and because the tequila bottle was thin I had no idea that we had actually drunk that much! Sooooo off we go in a Taxi, get into the city and start to walk down to the nightclub. Welllll it was a long walk let me tell you and it prob wasn't butttt it sure felt like it.
We arrive at the nightclub and we are meeting everyone inside, this is where it gets ugly. Now Helen wellll she ordered another drink, me not so much.... I couldn't see properly and I think the nightclub looked great but I maybe lasted an hour and had to leave :(

There is nothing worse than walking to the taxi rank trying to look fine and walk normal when you just knoooooooow that you aren't. Sooo I made it home, fell into bed and then the next morning Helen turned up early as she had to drive her brother to the airport. How she drank what she did at my place, thennnnnn keep on at the nightclub and thennnnnn get up early and drive her brother to the airport I shall never know!

She also cleaned up my half suck lemons and salt as I couldn't even face it LOL. But Groover's I never threw up. Noooo NOT THAT TIME!

The time that I did was on that lovely old party boat "The Island" that used to go up and down the Brisbane River. One night I had all these free tickets so a whole group of us went and I was drinking by then I think Scotch & Coke and had been drinking a few of them during the night. When we all got off the barge we went to the Brisbane Casino and my friend Jeanette offered to buy me a drink, so what did I ask for: of courseeeee a Vodka, Lemonade with a dash of raspberry!

And of course my bed was spinning a little later that night and the next morning what did I do? Ohhh yeahhh threw up "RED" - on my cream carpet!!!!!!! That stain did last some time before it faded.... took me many times cleaning it :(

And do you know this is the ONE AND ONLY TIME in my 45 years so far... that I have ever thrown up! Promise!!!! Maybe I shouldn't have typed that out loud, sure hope I haven't jinxed myself!!!!

I also have a favourite Cocktail, the good old Toblerone! Mmmmmmm

I discovered this on another cruise back in the mid 1990's. You see I had a very sore throat on my cruise, it was cocktail hour and I gave the Toblerone a go. Now I am not a huge lover of the chocolate itself but OMG!!! it was amazing and made my throat feel sooooo much better, so I drank THREE! hehehe

And then that brings us to my current fave the oldddddddddd Rum & Coke! Now when I do feel like a drink this is it my friends. And I find that if I can't drink a few then why just have one. I would prefer just a coke. I know I'm freaky.... some might even go so far to say Super Freaky! hehehe

And if I cast my mind back it was prob back in early December last year on my trip to Sydney where I went out one night with friends and drank that many Rum & Cokes that even I cannot remember how many I had.....

I don't drink all the time but on those odd occasions when I do it can be fun. And the thing is (and I can see some of you Groover's nodding your head in agreement at this one) that whilst IT IS FUN as you get older it just takes wayyyyyy too many days to get over it!

Ahhh one of the sad things about getting older....

So on that positive note hehe Nightttttttttttttt

Me xxx

Do you know I didn't realise how many "Drinking Pics" I had until I went looking tonight for this blog! LOL Ummm Ahhhh!


Brent said...

Not bad for someone that doesn't drink too much

The Morley Report said...

haha I knowwww. I def surprised myself with sooo many pics of me drinking! LOL

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